Marathon Infested LOOK/FEEL
Posted By: Alexander SmithDate: 4/17/07 5:04 a.m.

Guys, I need some help. As everyone here knows, the Marathon Universe is generally rife with color, and brings joy to the heart just to play it, and watch vibrant enemy and ally sprites kill each other.

Marathon's weapons are fairly colorful, and often are a tad plain in the textures, but nevertheless look excellent.

Here's the problem, should Marathon Infested, which has a very gritty and violent story, have the same kind of colorful look as M2, or M3? I'm having a hard time deciding between and obviously "Marathon" looking game because it's got the colors and environments M2/M3 had, or an obviously Marathon game because of the same kind of gameplay, with the Cyborg, BoBs, VacBobs, Pfhor fighters and all that, plus a direct continuation of M3 storyline. But instead of a lot of color, have a more desaturated look, with deep color being used in specific places to offer hard contrast.

Now, this may seem simple, but for me it isn't, because my choice will influence the whole game, from start to finish, and every single bit of content will have to reflect this look. Models, textures, everything.

So, without further ado, I would like to ask all members of this board to please help me come up with some ideas, or choose between the two here, (though your own ideas not present here will be just as good).

Please reply, this is very important to me.


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