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: I feel kinda bad about the Nahk, actually. The original Marathons cover the start of the S'pht revolt, Eternal touches on the end of it, as well as
: the beginning of the Drinniol revolt, and eventually the start of the
: Pfhor empire itself... but I never really touch on the Nahk, other than in
: passing during chapter 4.

: Oh well. Maybe in the sequel...

Fear not dear Forrest, WmaiD will investigate the Nahk.

I envisioned the Nahk as a alternate universe variant of the Sangreli, or "Elites" of the Halo universe. In that timeline, their culture is discovered before achieving interstellar travel by the "Prophet" race. Perhaps the relative ease of assimilation into the covenant was made possible by their relative infancy as a species. (They're wielding spears in an excerpt from Halo2, documenting their introduction to the Covenant).

Now, instead of that happy situation - the Nahk are found by the Pfhor as detailed both by Steve and Forrest - after their culture had suffenciently advanced into a space faring civilization. The rest, appears to be history, albet one that is scattered across the galaxies solar winds.

It was debated in earlier posts weather or not the Nahk posed a threat to the Pfhor home world. As related in a M2 terminal, Durandal states that the Nahk naval forces did reach the periphery of Pfhor Primes' space. It's reasonable to assume this was a contributing factor to deciding the rebellion was dangerous enough to warrant use of Early Novi. I still wonder exactly how Durandal could know such things. Gossip on the Pfhor intranets perhaps? ; )

Back in Feb., Lunair brought up an excellent point about the timing of the Nahk revolt that warrants mentioning:

"... The Nahk rebellion, on the other hand, may have been more widespread, but perhaps far less effective overall [than the Drinnol rebellion]. Maybe weeks or months for each planet, or longer. Similarly, the S'pht may have gutted the computers of the Pfhor, but they were still able to mount a sustained, if losing, defense/offense. "

Curious; what was the primary concern that interested you about the Nahk, other than the visibility of their numerous suns novi to our earthly eyes?

"...Even in Marathon 3, he probably won't tell humanity what he knows about the Nakh, but we might learn a lot from working with the S'pht'Kr, before they disappear. "

By Marathon 3, you mean a potential Marathon game developed by Wideload? I've gathered that the most concrete existence of this is based on hope, and prayers. Perhaps some faith too.
Do you have any info on this games proposed existence?
In the 3rd party realm, I believe Rubicon comes the closest to being a true Marathon "3", all faults aside.

It's great that you brought up the Nahk for discussion Andrew. I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone's speculation and writings on the topic. :D


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