The Nakh
Posted By: Andrew NagyDate: 11/24/04 10:11 p.m.

Did anyone ever figure out if there's a known nova or supernova that occurred c. 3189 BC? Since we don't know how far away it was, the light might not have reached Earth yet.

Would the event leave a gas cloud that could be observed today? That sounds likely. So every use of the trih xeem in a story has to correspond to a known supernova, provided it's close enough to Earth or far enough back in time.

On a related note, is Tau Ceti (the real one that's less than 20 ly away) actually a G4 star? I don't think this is documented on the Original Level Names page.

Hey, Durandal said "if you look for their stars", not "star". Crap, have I triggered another Eternal plot revision?

If those were systems retaken by the Nakh during the rebellion, wouldn't they still be considered Pfhor stars, not Nakh ones?

One possibility: Maybe the Nakh had an interstellar civilization, and the Pfhor came in and took over using surprise and superior numbers, then found out they'd bit off more than they could chew.

Then again, maybe the Nakh were enslaved for centuries, but the Pfhor never bothered to ship them offworld en masse, so the Pfhor worlds on which Nakh revolted = the original Nakh worlds.

But how exactly would you coordinate a revolt across two star systems at once? I guess it started on one planet, but after they started capturing ships and sending them to liberate other planets, it became an all-out naval war.

Just how old *are* the Pfhor, so that even back then they already had a huge planet-conquering empire, which survived the loss of those stars? Of course, they could have been beaten back to a single world in the Nakh wars. That would certainly be reason to use the trih xeem.

What does it mean to be a client race of the Jjaro? They didn't give the Nakh enough technology to fight off the Pfhor, or intervene to free them from slavery, or even avenge their deaths, at least until 6000 years later. Only Durandal knows, based on whatever data he could collect in 17 years.

Even in Marathon 3, he probably won't tell humanity what he knows about the Nakh, but we might learn a lot from working with the S'pht'Kr, before they disappear.

This has been a long, not-so-coherent sleep-deprived ramble.

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