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Posted By: thermoplyaeDate: 11/27/04 7:41 p.m.

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I though I implied the answer...the star must be within 6,000 l.y. of Sol if Durandal is to know about it. And, yes, this is a (relatively) tiny amount of space to put the Nakh into...

...or we could ignore simple Physics. I mean, we have FTL drives that aren't really possible as far as we know at this point in time. :)

Also, to avoid confusion:

"... 98.56% of the universe ..." should have galaxy in place of universe...universe is either curved or infinite, one making this a very generous amount of the universe we can see and the other meaning we'll never have a "fraction" of the unverse that we can see because there's no definable greater whole.

One last time to avoid confusion for the scenario people who read: has to be within 6,000 l.y.

: Yes, but his quandry was, did these supernovae we are speaking of, from 3189
: BC, occur within the visible universe of that timeframe, ie within 6Kly?.
: If the galaxy is some 100,000 ly in diameter (I believe that is correct),
: then that's only... ((pi*(6,000)^2) / (pi*(50,000)^2)) * 100 = 1.44% of
: the galaxy that's visible that recently; if it happened anywhere in the
: other 98.56% of the universe, the light from it hasn't reaches us yet.
: Which means that statistically speaking, no, we probably can't see any
: such supernovae from as recent as 6,000 years ago.

: I think he got his figure of 3189 B.C. because Durandal said in M2 "six
: thousand years ago" was when this happened. So yeah, 6Kly is the
: visible range for such a recent event, which is a puny 1.44% of the galaxy
: (if I've got my galactic figures right), so no, we probably can't see any
: effects of it yet.

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