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: Hey, Durandal said "if you look for their stars", not
: "star". Crap, have I triggered another Eternal plot revision?

No. I already have multiple worlds for the Nahk. In Eternal (as elaborated in Chapter IV, actually), Pfhor slave history runs about thus:

The Pfhor species begins, in ways that I won't mention so as not to spoil the epilogue. After a few million years of development on their own homeworld, they begin to travel the stars, and to build a galactic empire. They are only maybe 10-12,000 years ahead of mankind, developmentally.

The empire enslaves other species as it goes, and assimilates their new workers and any newfound (especially Jjaro) technology into their civilization. One of the cornerstones of this new empire is the Drinniol, a strong and clever but timid and undeveloped race who are easily subjugated by fear with the demonstration of superior firepower. Eventually the Drinniol are everywhere in Pfhor society, serving as the muscle, effectively organic robots just doing hard labor for the Empire.

A foolharty Pfhor scientist at a deep-space research clinic studying a Jjaro outpost builds what is effectively a Drinniol battleroid using a Jjaro Cybernetic Junction. This cyborg hulk begins causing havoc for the Pfhor on the outpost. The other Drinniol, seeing one of their own kind throwing off his yolk, join in, and a revolution begins. The Pfhor eventually deploy the newly-discovered trih xeem to stop the revolt, but the Drinniol escape on one of the Pfhor's own ships. They travel to a Pfhor planet, and continue the fight there. No special military safeguards are in place against the Drinniol, as they are blindly obedient to the empire out of fear, perfect workers; so when the Drinniol see that they have nothing to fear and rise up against the Pfhor, they are already there all over the planet and in the most critical places, and quickly take over that world.

Armed with an entire planet's infrastructure and fleet, they take the battle to the stars, and so the revolt spreads to other worlds. Eventually a large portion of the Pfhor's own fleet is in the hands of the Drinniol. The remainder of it is thrown at the Drinniol full force, and the two sides battle until both navies are nearly demolished. The Drinniol still control numerous Pfhor worlds, however, and realizing that they face inevitable defeat if they cannot control the Drinniol, they destroy the majority of their worlds from orbit with their remaining ships. The last few Drinniol-controlled worlds, terrified at this unspeakable show of force, surrender to the Pfhor lest they be destroyed as well. The Pfhor Empire begins the long task of rebuilding, this time with stronger military watch on their slave species.

Well into the rebuilding, but never back to their old height of power, the Pfhor enslave another race, the Nahk. The Nahk have a small interstellar civilization, technologically almost on the level of the Pfhor but vastly out-resourced. They lose simply to attrition. They never let the fire of their pride die, however, and a slow underground movement eventually rises to an out-and-out revolt. The Nahk take back their old worlds and begin a coordinated assault against the Pfhor empire. The Pfhor immediately order the death of all Nahk on other worlds, to prevent a repeat of the Drinniol incident. The Nahk worlds are able to use and improve the Pfhor's own technology faster than the Pfhor can, however, and as they begin to beat back the Pfhor navy once again, the Pfhor deploy the trih xeem on all their stars, exterminating their entire race.

Still more thousands of years later, the Pfhor enslave the S'pht. We all know how this goes. The Pfhor empire still hasn't fully recovered from the Nahk or Drinniol revolts, and between the S'pht revolt and the combined forces of mankind and the S'pht'Kr, the Pfhor Empire is finally put to rest.

I feel kinda bad about the Nahk, actually. The original Marathons cover the start of the S'pht revolt, Eternal touches on the end of it, as well as the beginning of the Drinniol revolt, and eventually the start of the Pfhor empire itself... but I never really touch on the Nahk, other than in passing during chapter 4.

Oh well. Maybe in the sequel...

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