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Posted By: American NinjaDate: 2/20/05 10:56 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Simply remove the index? (Vorpal Sword)

The Ark of the Covenant or Noah's Ark!!?

Now I believe the Ark is more related to Noah's Ark.
Because Noah's Ark was to protect animals and Humans from the Flood.

Now if there is life still in the Halo Universe that means something had to protect it. I think the Forerunner ship at the end of the game is the Ark, but it has to be in a specific place to be activated. I believe this place is on Earth at New Mombassa.

Or Earth itself is the Ark. The Forerunner could have left some of their species and animals on Earth which is their orginal home planet. And a select few flew back to Halo, and activated it. And over millions of years later the Forerunner forgot their orgin and became Humans.

Also 343 says, In case of a unexpected shut down the Halo's send a message to the Ark. This could go along with my theory on Earth its self being an Ark and having the Forerunner activate it their.

Also the Earth could be out of range of the Halos to protect the Forerunner. But 343 says that the Forerunner died out, but how could that be if he calls all Humans Reclaimer?

What if the "Reclaimers" were anicient Humans and a total different race then the Forerunner. This could be the reason the Covenant hate us so much. Because the Forerunner selected us to be the one's to start the " Great Journey" and to live because we are the only ones that can activate the Rings. But something went wrong and most of the "Reclaimers" died off.

This is why 343 says "I'm so glad to see that some of them survived and reproduced.". Because the Forerunner cherished us very much. So they left stuff for us on other planets so our children won't forget the Forerunner.

Now the Forerunner didn't know something went wrong and nethier did 343. So what happens is that we forget and the stuff the Forerunner left gets lost. This is why 343 is so puzzled when we don't know nothing about the Halos.

Now to the Covenant. The Prophets and Elites are fighting, so the Prophets find out about the Rings and knowing there gonna lose and knowing what the Halos do, told the Elites that if they stop fighting they can find the Rings and go on a "Great Journey".

Their real meaning is to get the Elites to activate Halo and while the Prophets go to the Ark the Elites all die, but the plan backfired after they found out that they need a "Reclaimer" species. So now starts the age of collecting different speicies to find out which one is the "Reclaimer" speices.

And remember that only the Prophets know about the "Reclaimers".

These Prophets after having no luck with finding the "Reclaimer" species. Make up a False saying. The saying is that "The destruction of any more species that they encounter is the will of the Forerunner.". Because they had no luck at finding any "Reclaimers" so they say "That if the Rings are activated, then we will all become Gods.". That was ment to keep the Covenant loyal.

Millions of years later the true meaning of the "Great Journey" is forgotton and now the Prophets really believe the crap the "False Prophets" made up.

Now they have these false beliefs that they are following and they meet the Humans on Harvest, and try to kill them.

Now to the Delta Halo times. The Prophets are finding alot of Forerunner tech on Human worlds, and then they find a Forerunner tablet about Humans being the "Reclaimers', and where the Ark is.

So now the Prophets have a mission to find and capture Humans, and find the Ark. They capture the Humans so they could use them to activate the Rings and become Gods. But since Earth has nothing but Humans on it the Prophet of Truth decides to go to Earth and have Tarturus activate Halo with the captured Humans. And activate the Ark with the Humans on Earth.

Now to the Covenant Civil War

The Elites, Grunts, and Hunters.
The Prophets, Brutes, Drones, and Jackals.

Now The Prophet of Truth has found out about the original plans and about what really happens, so he tries to finish what his ancestors started.

By kicking the Elites from being Protectors unexpected sides are taken. So the Prophet of Truth is now using the Brutes, Drones, and Jackals, to wipe out everything except for the Prophet species.

PHEWW Ok so what do you think of my theory? . :)

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