PiD's artifacts are weird.
Posted By: General-RADIXDate: 12/10/15 2:19 p.m.

I'm reaching for things to discuss besides asking what e-mails the Rubicon team are using now. Sure hope I'm not accidentally repeating a topic.

Much of said weirdness comes from PiD being retroactively attached to a series that doesn't have anything like that, but even so--how can this normal-looking cedar box reproduce anything placed inside it? Why is there an infinity hole inside this red velvet bag? Why would the W'rkncacnter dream of, and thus inadvertently give Austin (the Sergeant), the only means to kill some of its own constructs?

Mostly personal theories as to what these things are. For those of you that can make it through the incoming walls of text, please discuss.


The Crystals: All that PiD really says about these is that they're powerful and mysterious, yet have finite charges (unless they're yellow). Not terribly helpful.

I don't think the W'rk would dream of anything that would put it at a disadvantage (assuming its control over its dreams is that precise), so the crystals were probably brought into the anomalous pyramid. By who, though? My first thought was that the Jjaro were secretly beaming them in for Austin's use, but if they could do that, they could probably teleport themselves to Earth and take care of the W'rk sooner.

Then I remembered that Muller claims to know nothing of the crystals, yet gives the same response to certain colours even though the context for that could be anything. Likely just a quirk of PiD's dialogue system, but could still potentially point towards Muller's expedition being the ones to take them in. They get squooshed like bugs and the W'rk's constructs scatter the crystals to places that future explorers are unlikely to look in/survive to.

So how did Muller acquire them in the first place when there's nothing on Earth like them? I hate to say that they just happened to fall planet-side on various meteors and were recovered years apart, but at the same time, I don't want to keep falling back on "the Jjaro did it". The crystals might be found in a part of the universe that Durandal hasn't gone to yet, hence why he and Vincent (the SO) don't come across any.


The Potions: I'm stumped. Could also be of alien make, but if the Jjaro are providing Austin with them (see above for why I don't think they could), I'd like to think that they'd have a means for him to avoid the Oozes that didn't put his life at risk.

If they've been sitting around as long as the pyramid's been there, then even the Blue Potion would make Austin wretch his guts up, but I digress.


The Cedar Box: If the W'rk can dream things into reality, then it wouldn't have much use for a 3D printer. Yet Muller had Walter go hunting for it, meaning it was already in the pyramid--and Muller knew it was there to begin with. Strange...

Perhaps the W'rk created it after all--a way to lure in the avaricious (after all, it's ideal for turning one gold ingot into many ingots) that Austin finds a more practical use for. As for why Muller knew about it--maybe, prior to the expedition, someone went in, found it, left the pyramid, radioed in, and then got filleted by a stray monster. Or this wasn't Muller's first trip here; he just didn't have time to grab anything.


The Red Velvet Bag: Possibly exists for the same theorized reason as the Cedar Box: greedy grave-robbers stick around too long in the hopes of stuffing more valuables in and get hacked apart. Good thing Austin isn't so single-minded...


The Red Cloak: No idea, unless it was only meant for the monsters' use. IIRC, you find it not too far from where you need it...hm.

Again, if the Jjaro were close enough to send items to Austin, they'd be close enough to jump to Earth themselves. But the Jjaro canonically know more than a few things about manipulating time and space...


Muller's Magic Bagpipes: Explicitly alien in nature, but which aliens made them? Not the Jjaro, I'd think; surely Yrro and his mates wouldn't allow the creation or re-purposing-into of anything that could aid the W'rk.

Was this some kind of heavily-displaced Pfhor artifact? It bears a slight resemblance to the M1 Enforcers' scatter-gun, and Infinity sees them accidentally unleash the W'rk; thus, the Bagpipes being Pfhoric would be thematically-appropriate.


That's what I can think of for now.

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