Re: The Taken, Battleroid?
Posted By: HokutoDate: 9/17/15 4:21 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Taken, Battleroid? (Martin)

: Bloody well done. I got an attempt on the Skolas PoE Sunday night but we
: couldn't get past the 3rd round with Cabal nasties. A bridge too far, but
: it was good to get it tried. I was restarting on Xbox One having played on
: PS4 at launch - got to 30 then, and about the same time switched consoles
: but didn't want to go back to Destiny, but then three weeks ago.... LOL.
: So yeah, 9/10 ain't bad for that timeframe. Had a willing group at nzgamer
: that got me through the other hard raids - I had tried VoG once but we
: didn't get far, part of what put me off actually, the unforgiving nature
: of that, and their idea of how to make things "hard".

: Pretty convincing argument you put forward there linking them! Will be pretty
: interesting to see what comes of it all!!

The hard mode raids are incredibly punishing, and Vault of Glass is - well, let's just say that I respect the concept while absolutely hating most of the execution. The Gorgons' Labyrinth is a really cool idea, for example, but I had to go sit in orbit for it and the jumping puzzle afterward because I just could not do it without getting caught, or falling during the puzzle. SOMEONE has forgotten how miserable "Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap!" was, I believe. (Getting around the Dreadnaught is proving to be a similar pain. WHY INVISIBLE BRIDGES, BUNGIE. I mean, yes, it's a cool Indiana Jones kind of effect, but I've fallen to my death so many times already... Oryx needs to put in some guardrails.)

Thank you! I'm still working on putting it all together into a theory coherent enough to be worthy of the Story page, but it's really got me excited - like I said, I've suspected the games of having some connection pretty much since Destiny was announced, but actually getting some confirmation is amazing.

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