Re: The Taken, Battleroid?
Posted By: MartinDate: 9/17/15 1:50 p.m.

In Response To: Re: The Taken, Battleroid? (Hokuto)

: The hard mode raids are incredibly punishing, and Vault of Glass is - well,
: let's just say that I respect the concept while absolutely hating most of
: the execution. The Gorgons' Labyrinth is a really cool idea, for example,
: but I had to go sit in orbit for it and the jumping puzzle afterward
: because I just could not do it without getting caught, or falling during
: the puzzle. SOMEONE has forgotten how miserable "Colony Ship For
: Sale, Cheap!" was, I believe. (Getting around the Dreadnaught is
: proving to be a similar pain. WHY INVISIBLE BRIDGES, BUNGIE. I mean, yes,
: it's a cool Indiana Jones kind of effect, but I've fallen to my death so
: many times already... Oryx needs to put in some guardrails.)

: Thank you! I'm still working on putting it all together into a theory
: coherent enough to be worthy of the Story page, but it's really got me
: excited - like I said, I've suspected the games of having some connection
: pretty much since Destiny was announced, but actually getting some
: confirmation is amazing.

Yeah it was obnoxious for them to design things like the labyrinth and the ridiculous jumping puzzle, and then put the flawless raider achievement. The jumping when you're relying on 6 people cooperating was just stupid, as was when they randomised the porting on Atheon, going against their own design intentions that they documented online, where everyone would learn their roles - yeah, well done there. Plus it didn't glitch as badly before they "fixed" it lol. The hard raids weren't so bad at 33/34 - I basically did nothing in Crota; just stayed alive - the guys had it down pat lol, so I still have no idea of the mechanics tbh.

The hidden bridges are another totally stupid idea; I was totally foiled by them in the mission to set up the patrols, and the stupid ghost doesn't even try to help out "oh I see you're falling to your death a lot, maybe I could help?" Plus the direction arrows are so wrong so much of the time that I was not trusting it anyway lol. Every time I go into VoG on the new story missions I fall off to the left because that is where it directs me. Lucky I don't drive or I might have been one of those people that ends up in the lake with GPS :D.

Always trying so hard to enjoy this game but they put up a lot of barriers; latest mission I tried recycled the Skolas solo geography 100% so there was yet more laziness, and then had such a ridiculous boss fight. Sometimes I wonder why we put up with it lol. Oryx solo was bad too, but more just because it was boring, not all that difficult. The bosses need to man up and not hide behind so many adds. End rant :).

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