Re: The gamer's deadliest weapon
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 6/2/15 10:17 a.m.

In Response To: The gamer's deadliest weapon (VikingBoyBilly)

: I once read that save states are called the gamer's deadliest weapon.

: If you ask me to play M1 on total carnage, fine. piece of cake. Now if you
: secretly adjusted the maps to disable every pattern buffer after one use,
: removed all the shield chargers and replaced them with canisters, then
: you've almost created something that closely resembles playing Halo on
: Legendary.

: Have me wandering around happily in Arrival for a few minutes and then
: suddenly throw me into You Think Your Big Time (the vidmaster version)
: with no warning mid-level, and there you have it. All that's left for the
: icing on the cake is making the pattern buffers only activate themselves
: when and where they feel like it without your consent, except the
: not-so-intuitive method of telling it to not overwrite your last save and
: store a new one as the cherry on top. It cripples the gamer's deadliest
: weapon of saving.

: I'm stuck in what I call one of the game's many choke points - a section
: that sticks you in an arena and makes you fight swarms of enemies flooding
: at you until you're done. When it's just progressing through hallways,
: it's fun and very doable. These parts at the end of them are nearly
: impossible. Last night I started playing Halo at 6 o clock, and when my
: throat started to feel dry from dehydration, I realized it was 11 and I
: spent 5 hours accomplishing almost nothing.

: It doesn't feel unfair, though. There is a learning curve to it, and the
: futility of it is more subtle than Doom's nightmare mode. It's just at the
: end of this section I'm stuck on, in the rare chance I cleared the room
: successfully, two hunters come in and it doesn't make a checkpoint. They
: kill me and I have to start over. I strongly considered starting over on
: Heroic. I've been juggling needlers and fusion pistols because those seem
: to be the best weapons in the area and I was afraid of letting go of the
: AR. After I gave up I got the idea that dropping the AR to have both might
: be the solution, but that sounds insane. Just insane enough to work. That,
: and maybe going back to a saved checked point because the recent one may
: have doomed me.

: Getting past this would be fine and dandy, but I have a feeling there's just
: more of these ridiculous sections in the rest of the game to struggle on.
: Do you guys think I should start over? Either way, the next write up may
: take a while.

Try keeping the sniper rifle throughout the mission, topping up when needed and reloading after missing too many times. a good sniper shot kills Hunters in one in Halo 1/Anniversary. prioritize it on tough elites and hunters. some jackals or grunts if you can spare the ammo and there's a lot of them or they're out of reach.

Plasma rifles work alright against elites and plasma pistols can take out their shield with a charged shot so try switching between them now and then.

I must warn you as I've encountered this on very rare occasions: sometimes when you reload your last save too many times, (at least on the Xbox, I haven't played the windows ports for some time) it skips you back to the checkpoint before the last one. its to stop you from getting stuck in an endless die and load loop but that doesn't mean it can't screw you over by sending you back to just before the previous hard battle.

On PC, you may be immune to that bug but I can't be sure. Other levels after Truth feel somewhat easier. It's very hard to notice because you still die a lot. The Library, Two betrayals and Keyes are a real hedgehog in my trousers in that regard.

The final timed run at the end is only five minutes on Legendary as opposed to the six minutes on all others but after the rest of the game, it's a breath of fresh air, especially as you get to see Sgt Johnson in an extra non-canon ending scene hugging the Arbiter. (he is an ultra in the original but 343 made him a zealot in Anniversary, to tie in with Johnson's one or two hints in Halo 2 that they met before.)

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