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Re: Hmm...
Posted By: elkilar (from diablo2) <>Date: 3/13/02 2:49 p.m.

In Response To: Hmm... (Mark Levin)

since it is obvious that the flood do nothing to the forerunners, and that 4 some reason the forerunners are afraid of the flood, and still they left the flood on gigantic weapons disigned 2 destroy them. THis makes no sence to me. If they left the halos in such a hurry, y didnt the just bother to destroy the flood. I think that the fact that the flood have similar markings 2 thos found on halo (which i havnt seen), that is just becasue bungie made a mistake which is nauteral 4 any1. But, i think that since the flood do nothin 2 help the forerunners, then mayb the forerunners made the halos becasue maybe the forerunners were attacked by some alien species that destroied their planet, and they thought it would b easy to make a "planet" for them 2 live on and, they made it have weapons to destroy any1 else who wanted to attack them. However, before the forerunners destroyed their attackers with halo, watever species attacked them infested them with a virus, which turned them into horrifing parasetic creatures. 343 Guilty spark was made by the last forerunners to b exposed to the virus, made guilty spark as an exused 4 the forerunners to "leave" halo in case some other species found it. This might sound dumb, but its the best thing i can come up with, and theres nothing unbelivable about it

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