Re: Volunteers: Bagged Again
Posted By: SiliconDream =PN=Date: 12/8/01 3:12 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Volunteers: Bagged Again (Mark Levin)

: On the contrary, I'm sure we'd all be appreciative if you can somehow tie the
: dream terminals to Infinity's "real world", even in a symbolic
: sense, that would be some progress :)

Minor tie-in:

"'The ends justify the means.' 'Where the[re] is no justification, there is no end.  There is only means.'"

This seems to link up to the W'rkncacnter's being described as "doubt." Doubt and justification can be seen as opposing forces; as long as the W'rkncacnter awakes and doubt triumphs over justification, there is no end to the Marine's ordeal--only the endless undergoing of it.

Further supporting this is the fact that the Whatever You Please message leading to a FAILED future mentions that the hangar ninety six bodies are "without justification." And in the Eat the Path message which finally leads you to the SUCCESSFUL timeline, you mention "justification" and "durability" together for the first time. And in fact say that you've been "given justification."

Stretching it?

--SiliconDream (belatedly appreciative of Volunteers)

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