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Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 12/13/01 10:20 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Volunteers - Napalm/Chicken (Mark Levin)

: Explore the southwest corner of the eastern passages until you hear a
: platform starting up in the distance. Then RUN (you'll need to strafe-run
: and not make any mistakes) back to the room you started from. One of
: the platforms on the side now has a hole in it. Down there is the secret
: terminal, the flamethrower, and a deathtrap if you take even a few
: seconds too long.

You *will* be trapped if you take the time to read the terminal, so count on at least two runs - your first "practice" run will almost certainly take too long, so go ahead and read the terminal. Then try to get it right the second time around. BTW, you don't have to strafe run - in fact, accuracy is more important - any time lost going the wrong way or running into anything will cost you. Strafe running if you're good at it buys you some extra time, but not enough to read the term and get out.

Also, once you locate the poly that triggers the platform, memorize its location and plan your moves in map mode. If you wait to hear the platform starting up, you'll lose a second or two.

Hope this helps.

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