Re: Volunteers - Napalm/Chicken
Posted By: 7revor SmithDate: 8/1/01 1:50 p.m.

In Response To: Volunteers - Napalm/Chicken (William Spencer)

: On the other hand, if I was playing the levels straight through, instead of
: one-a-day, I'd welcome the change of pace after The Rose, glad for a
: chance to resling the AR and instead go sniping wasps with the pistol and
: punching compilers in the particle emitter. Constant mind-numbing carnage
: isn't effective gameplay - it's nice to have a break.

Yeah, I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, we'll be back to the normal routine in the next couple of levels.

: The access tunnels are a pain, but easy to handle - side-step around corner,
: no wasps, side-step around corner, no wasps, side-step around corner, wasp
: on floor! Shoot it! Side-step around corner...Every 3D game needs a maze
: or two, right?

I suppose... It makes for a rather boring level, though.

: The trick with the bulkhead doors - how you can look past them and see a
: corridor beyond - implies that the level is bigger than it actually is, a
: trick used to good effect in the later games.

Heh, Leela's terminal at the begining sort of ruins the effect, but otherwise, it's pretty slick.

: It's a short level - you flip the two switches, ride that weird platform up
: to the top, and then figure out how to properly trigger the other weird
: platform that leads to the exit terminal. And you're off and away once
: again...

...and off to Cool Fusion and our normal routine...

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