Volunteers - Napalm/Chicken
Posted By: William SpencerDate: 8/1/01 11:37 a.m.

This level is yet another entry in the What Idiot Designed This Spaceship? contest.

To me, this isn't one of the really killer-cool levels - it just kind of fills in space. The music's nothing special, the texturing all runs together in the tunnels, the monsters are just there...nothing special.

On the other hand, if I was playing the levels straight through, instead of one-a-day, I'd welcome the change of pace after The Rose, glad for a chance to resling the AR and instead go sniping wasps with the pistol and punching compilers in the particle emitter. Constant mind-numbing carnage isn't effective gameplay - it's nice to have a break.

That opening ambush is a real piece of work, though. So far, you've always been safe when you beam into a level, but this time you pop in and you're instantly surrounded! And if you dive out and down the stairs to try for extra maneuvering room, there're more nasties hiding in the adjacent rooms...

The access tunnels are a pain, but easy to handle - side-step around corner, no wasps, side-step around corner, no wasps, side-step around corner, wasp on floor! Shoot it! Side-step around corner...Every 3D game needs a maze or two, right?

All sorts of fiddly-bits in the mazes - lots of changing levels.

And that one corner in one tunnel where you sidestep into a sandwich between a compiler and a pair of wasps. Ouch.

There are another of those computer-thingy pillars on this level - like the one in the observation room on Arrival, or the one the first fighter is hiding behind in Bigger Guns Nearby, or along the sides of the upper floor in Mars Needs Women - what are those things?

The trick with the bulkhead doors - how you can look past them and see a corridor beyond - implies that the level is bigger than it actually is, a trick used to good effect in the later games.

It's a short level - you flip the two switches, ride that weird platform up to the top, and then figure out how to properly trigger the other weird platform that leads to the exit terminal. And you're off and away once again...

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