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Posted By: SidohDate: 8/2/01 10:57 a.m.

In Response To: Volunteers - Napalm/Chicken (William Spencer)

: This level is yet another entry in the What Idiot Designed This Spaceship?
: contest.

We should decide what the wierdest Marathon level is after we're done with this...

: To me, this isn't one of the really killer-cool levels - it just kind of
: fills in space. The music's nothing special, the texturing all runs
: together in the tunnels, the monsters are just there...nothing special.

But If your playing vid-style it gets a little hard. The first room was fun, the wasps pouring out of the half-closed door and having to use your fists isn't (I didn't feel like shooting 5 wasps with a little handgun).

: On the other hand, if I was playing the levels straight through, instead of
: one-a-day, I'd welcome the change of pace after The Rose, glad for a
: chance to resling the AR and instead go sniping wasps with the pistol and
: punching compilers in the particle emitter. Constant mind-numbing carnage
: isn't effective gameplay - it's nice to have a break.

Actually it was kind of nice on my first beta run. No 5 minutes of circling hulks with fists only to find 12 more on the level.

: That opening ambush is a real piece of work, though. So far, you've always
: been safe when you beam into a level, but this time you pop in and you're
: instantly surrounded! And if you dive out and down the stairs to try for
: extra maneuvering room, there're more nasties hiding in the adjacent
: rooms...

I still say this part is the best of the level.

: The access tunnels are a pain, but easy to handle - side-step around corner,
: no wasps, side-step around corner, no wasps, side-step around corner, wasp
: on floor! Shoot it! Side-step around corner...Every 3D game needs a maze
: or two, right?

Well If you know where your going its not too rough.

: All sorts of fiddly-bits in the mazes - lots of changing levels.

: And that one corner in one tunnel where you sidestep into a sandwich between
: a compiler and a pair of wasps. Ouch.

I had the compiler hit the wasp. The wasp got madd and starting attacking the compiler. When the wasp was finished one running hit killed it :).

: There are another of those computer-thingy pillars on this level - like the
: one in the observation room on Arrival, or the one the first fighter is
: hiding behind in Bigger Guns Nearby, or along the sides of the upper floor
: in Mars Needs Women - what are those things?

My guess is pillars with wiring running through them.

: The trick with the bulkhead doors - how you can look past them and see a
: corridor beyond - implies that the level is bigger than it actually is, a
: trick used to good effect in the later games.

You can make a 20 polygon level seem much, much, larger with that technique :).

: It's a short level - you flip the two switches, ride that weird platform up
: to the top, and then figure out how to properly trigger the other weird
: platform that leads to the exit terminal. And you're off and away once
: again...

Yup. Off too Cool Fusion!

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