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Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 11/4/22 9:07 a.m.

In Response To: Ideal Marathon Reboot (Tim "Mordeir" Branin)

This is I think the best option to take but I do have some ideas of my own to add to it.

1. Marcus Jones (if they decide to use the Eternal name for the cyborg or give him a name at all) should not be a silent protagonist. I hated silent protagonists as a kid and I hate them now.

I think they should either do the Halo 1+2 thing where he speaks rarely but buttons it most of the time (e.g. he speaks in major story sections or cutscenes only), or the Doom Eternal thing where he isn't silent but simply chooses not to speak so the occasions he does (and there must be some) are a big deal.

He could suspect he's a cyborg but is largely indifferent about it and feels he knew all along, like JC Denton in Deus Ex when he admits he knows he was vat grown. This could give some nice "man of few words, aren't you?" moments when some Bobs try to communicate and get no answer, while others are surprised he can talk and act human if they hear/see him do so in one scene.

2. If this is set on the Marathon itself, a System Shock/Powerslave sort of Metroidvania deal as you suggest is the way to go. For any sequels to the reboot that move the action to ground, space and all over like the latter trilogy games & mods, we could have a hub and action stage system, which would be similar to that of Sonic Adventure, Sonic 2006 or Rayman 2's PS2 remake.

We'd have a hub per major area where we'd do stuff in similar to the first Marathon reboot metroidvania idea, with the goal being to complete objectives to open the next separate level in that area and so on. Levels and hubs both could have boss fights and all action stage levels would loop back to their hub or even connect to other ones depending on how they are designed gameplay & story wise. Some levels may come one after another before returning to a hub or be set areas connecting other hubs you could either play again to move between them or fast travel instead if you've beaten them at least once.

Time travel using the junctions from Infinity & Eternal could play a part in the hub design in one of those hypothetical sequel games, with Marcus having to visit certain time zones, aiming to make a good future for a given episode/chapter like Eternal did, except we could have options for Present, Past, Ruined Present (if things go wrong), Bad Future (failure path) good future (success path) with the bad future providing a loop back to where you went wrong, also like Eternal.

3. Terminals could be done in a similar manner to the new Doom games crossed with the trilogy of old and appear in secrets with a scant few along the main path. We should also get the video and security camera terminals that were cut from Marathon 2 as new types to find. All terminals can be read at the source but after reading (and acknowledging such with action button or enter key on the last terminal page) they get downloaded into Marcus's PDA to read/watch again later without having to run back to the terminal itself. I personally wouldn't do that latter thing as it's a bit too much like Doom 3, but I'm thinking of modern gamers who never played Marathon who wouldn't be bothered to backtrack. I would however, be all for an option that disables terminal recording to bring the old term behavior back, especially for challenge runs or replays.

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