Ideal Marathon Reboot
Posted By: Tim "Mordeir" BraninDate: 11/3/22 3:44 p.m.

So from what I understand the new Marathon is going to be kinda shit. Now I’m sure the topic has been broached before on this forum, but if Bungie we’re actually going to come to us with suggestions for a new Marathon game, what would those suggestions be?

For me the core question is what is essential to Marathon that would need to be carried over from the original so it’s not just a pallet swap of Halo.

As I see it the core component to a Marathon game would be a certain atmospheric horror where the Marathon itself gets to be a character every bit as much as Durandal or Leela or the Player. Something where you get a real sense of the size and scale and depth and age of the Marathon while also killing lots of Pfhor. I’m thinking maybe an open world/Metroidvania setup where you’re not locked into specific levels, but you gradually unlock sections of the ship, perhaps as you get the transporter network online. Getting sections of the ship to function again should probably be a core gameplay loop with actual measurable effects beyond Leela giving you a pat on the head. So like maybe you secure a weapons manufacturing sector and all of a sudden the BoBs running around the ship have guns, or you fix a malfunctioning airlock and a section of the ship exposed to vacuum is pressurized. Meanwhile the Pfhor will be improving their tactics and sending heavier units against you and Durandal will be expanding into new sections of the ship, making them much more dangerous and unpredictable. Maybe when you eventually get to transport to the Pfhor ship you can do sabotage missions which hurt them which temporarily hinders their invasion. Like you can temporarily disable their Compiler network. Or maybe you rescues som abducted Bobs and bring them back to the Marathon

Basically we take the scripted story of Marathon and turn that into emergent, mechanically driven gameplay.

Story wise, I feel the terminals are essential and need to be present, but maybe they aren’t the primary means by which the player interacts with the story. For the sake of modernization, Leela and or Durandal should communicate with you via earpiece like most FPS games that have come out since Halo.

There shouldn’t be a big “Would You Kindly?” Moment where it’s revealed that the Security Officer is a cyborg, it should be something more intuitive. For instance he should be a silent protagonist, but make that a conspicuous part of the emergent storytelling. Like in the original game you won’t have any meaningful interactions with human characters, but it’s a rut given some narrative weight. Like either a BoB might try to engage with you like “Thanks for saving my life” but you don’t have any mechanical means to acknowledge that and there’s a palpable awkwardness to your interactions with humans, or the BoBs don’t actually engage with you as a person any more than they would a defense drone, because you aren’t actually a person but a machine who’s either following a program or is under direct control of one of the AIs. Also like in the original game, only Assimilated BoBs will acknowledge you directly “THANK GOD IT’S YOU!”

And if we want to have our cake and eat it too, perhaps it can serve as a reboot and stealth sequel to Marathon Infinity where you’ve dreamed your way back in time to the original Marathon incident but with your own hidden objectives that you’ll only be able to pursue when outside the guidance of an AI.

Might also borrow some themes from the Souls Borne games. The Security Officer is in essence the Chosen Undead, continually dying and being resurrected while following orders beyond his full comprehension.

Anyone with different ideas feel free to share.

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