Re: Marathon Eternal X 1.2.1
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 11/9/21 10:00 a.m.

In Response To: Marathon Eternal X 1.2.1 *LINK* (Aaron Freed)

: We probably should’ve released this two and a half years ago, but better late
: than never. The biggest changes include much lower memory usage (Windows
: should no longer crash on load), fixes to game-breaking bugs on several
: levels, new and remastered sounds, refined weapon physics, and fixes to
: the sources of frequent complaints in a few specific levels. A detailed
: (although not exhaustive) change log is included in a readme bundled with
: the game.

: If you experience any problems, let us know; there probably won’t be a
: 1.2.2 release, unless anyone finds anything absolutely game-breaking, but
: we’ll at least know to fix it in 1.3 (which will hopefully see release
: in 2022, but all release date estimates from me should be taken with a
: massive grain of salt unless I explicitly state otherwise). Also, note
: that many of the biggest additions and changes (i.e., the new story
: elements, monsters, music, landscapes, weapons, and final boss battle) are
: being held for 1.3: we deliberately limited 1.2.1’s feature scope to
: ensure it would actually be released this year.

Looking forward to trying it out. :)

I saw on the Pfhorums at one point they planned to use unique sprites for monsters now, at least for 1.3. Now, I preferred the mix of M1 & M2 ones as while it was a bit inconsistent tone wise, it fit the idea of Marathon 1 and the two sequels aesthetics being merged for the Eternal storyline, especially in chapter 1 actually on the ship. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the W'rkncacnter dream monster/ayakashi redesigns (what I refer to as kamalas in the Tour of Duty chapter 5 to tell them apart from the actual PID ones in older builds) for 1.2 so I think they'll be pretty cool to see, especially if they're one of the things in this build.

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