Opinion poll: Eternal Ch5 revisions
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 1/22/13 11:34 p.m.

So it's well known to me that pretty much everyone loathes the last chapter of Eternal, mostly because of the Headless and Nightmares, both their appearance and the infinite respawning. I was playing through bits and pieces of it again recently for nostalgia's sake and looking back I'm inclined to agree.

However, when I played through the Ch3 failure dream, which also features W'rkncacnter nightmares, but in this case Banshees only, HOLY SHITFUCK I jumped out of my chair at the first invisible banshee sneaking up on me, even though I put them there myself.

So -- and I'm not making any promises to actually do anything here, what with my limited time to commit and all -- I'm wondering what people's opinions would be on a possible revision to the last chapter, if I ever get around to finishing 1.1 at least, if not Omega.

The revision idea is this: eliminate the Headless entirely. Replace them with invisible Devlins, one of the other scariest known monsters. Make the Nightmares invisible as well, and keep their scary firing sound. Keep the invisible Banshees as is. Relight, rezone, and repopulate the Ch5 levels so that there are bright open areas which are safe (except for Nightmares firing from out of the shadows), connected by dark, scary corridors where you never know when an invisible Banshee or Devlin is going to maul the fuck out of you with a terrifying growl or howl. Add in more Jjaro civillians (silver Bobs), so as you mosey around, you hear random death screams in the distance all the time.

Generally, turn the whole chapter into survival horror nightmare fuel instead of a huge epic and annoying battle against unending cartoony monsters.


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