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All this talk about the Violet Crystal and the frag grenades is definitely giving me flashbacks to my attempts to no-hit OK, Who Else Wants Some? I had no formal approach to judging the width of the crystal beams but once managed to kill all the Phantasms with 2 Violet Crystal blasts. That proved impossible to recreate because you have to be able to nab the one(s) hiding behind the deity, whose presence blocks the lightning.

The possible ranges for damage are interesting, and I'd have to check my notes if I noticed anything like that. But my HP calculations were extremely rudimentary...

Thanks for all the posts!

: Yes. In fact, now that I know the code simplifies to "middle half",
: I played with a game I saved on Ascension that captured some Phantasms at
: known locations on Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die. I was able to
: consistently hit a Phantasm with the blue crystal even though there was a
: Headless much closer to me. Just turn to put the Headless in the left
: quarter of the screen, and fire.

: I suppose it's time to document the crystal behaviors.

: The Yellow Crystal, of course, does no damage.

: The Green Crystal hits all hunters, regardless of distance or direction. It
: can even hit hunters behind you or behind walls. But remember, although
: there can be as many as 60 critters on each level, at most 12 of them can
: be "hunters" (my term) at any one time. Only a hunter can have a
: strategy, only a hunter can attack, only a hunter can be animated, only a
: hunter can be hit. All the other critters on a level may as well be moss
: on the wall as far as the game cares. Roughly speaking, critters become
: hunters when they're born, when your light touches them or a sector next
: to the one they're in, when you get within two sector of them, or when
: they hear a shout and are not in an ambush zone. Hunters stop being
: hunters when you leave the level, or whenever they can't see a path to you
: (they do not actually have to see you), or whenever there are 12 other
: hunters nearer to you, or when they're dead. A dying hunter remains a
: hunter until it's dead, so that its death throes can be animated (and so
: it can act as a shield against the knife), but otherwise may as well not
: be there. Flying rats and amphibians are neither critters nor hunters.

: The Violet Crystal has exactly the same fire pattern as the frag grenades.
: It'll hit every hunter any part of which is visible in the middle half of
: the screen.

: The other crystals have the same middle-of-the-screen spread, but only hit
: the nearest such hunter.

: Remember that you can't see beyond the range of your light, or through secret
: walls. If you can't see it, you can't hit it. You are, however, assumed to
: be able to see through anything that isn't a wall. Pillars, for example.
: Some are short enough for you to see over; the game assumes you can see
: through (and shoot through) all of them.

: Crystal damage is chosen randomly (using a uniform distribution) from the
: following ranges: Blue 20..34
: Yellow N/A
: Orange 55..64
: Violet 90..119
: Green 100..199
: Black 10000..10999

: Crystal damage is not affected by distance. The Violet and Green crystals,
: which can hit more than one hunter, calculate the damage independently for
: each one.

: Hitting a hunter that is immune to that crystal does zero damage, but still
: counts as a hit.

: The Purple Barney, Venomous Oozes, and Dreaming God are immune to everything
: (except at the end when the Dreaming God becomes vulnerable to weapons but
: still not to crystals). Other immunities are: Blue: Oozes and Shocking
: Spheres
: Orange: Shocking Spheres
: Violet: Wraiths and Shocking Spheres
: Green: Nightmares, Phantasms, Wraiths, Shocking Spheres, Ghasts, Greater
: Nightmares.
: Black: none.

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