PiD Weapon Damage
Posted By: Ron HunsingerDate: 6/20/12 4:12 p.m.

I found the code that calculates how much damage each weapon does. Oddly, it's calculated on the fly instead of being looked up in any table. Anyway, the "basic damage" for each weapon/ammo is:

20 Survival Knife
30 Walther P4 Pistol
40 MP-41 Submachine Gun

65 AK-47 Magazine
65 AK-47 SABOT Magazine
80 AK-47 HE Magazine

200 40mm Fragmentation Cartridge
400 40mm Projectile Cartridge
600 40mm HE Cartridge

The basic damage is then adjusted for skill and distance. You get a 20% bonus for each skill level (0=None, 1=Beginner, 2=Novice, 3=Expert) and lose 20% for each full sector-width of distance from you to the target. These bonuses are added, not multiplied.

(The actual calculation is damage = baseDamage + ((skill - distance) * baseDamage / 5;)

Thus, an expert hitting a target 8 sectors away does 0 damage. Hitting something at that distance with a weapon you've never used before, so that your skill level is "none", would do -60% damage. Not to worry, though; zero or negative damage counts as a hit but has no effect on the victim's hit points. Because it counts as a hit, it won't hurt your accuracy rating, and if your skill is "none" you'll get promoted to "beginner".

An expert can't do positive damage to an enemy more than 7 sector-widths away. 7 sector-widths is also the light radius of your IR goggles, so you wouldn't be able to see such a target anyway. And at 8 sector-widths, hunters turn into onlookers and can't get hit anyway. For a beginner, the maximum distance at which you can do positive damage is 5 sector-widths. (Well, 5.999, since the distance is rounded down.)

All of these damage values are in internal units. The Carnage report divides all damages by 3 (rounding down) before displaying them.

Maximum damage would be at point-blank range with a 40mm HE cartridge that you're an expert in. You'd do 960 points of damage. That's more than twice what you need to kill any killable monster except the Blue Meanie on NaL. (A Greater Nightmare has 450 hit points.)

Besides the variable damage, weapons differ in fire-pattern and attack type. I'm sure most of the following information is just repeating stuff everyone has already figured out, but I'll spell it out anyway. If nothing else, it can confirm your guesses.

Attack type is "Armor Piercing" for AK-47 Sabot, 40mm Projectile, and 40mm HE. Attack type is "Physical" for all other weapons/ammo. (There are other attack types used by the crystals, but that's for another post.) The significance is that Greater Nightmares are immune to Physical but not Armor Piercing bullets. The Purple Barney, the Venomous Oozes, and, right up until the end, the Dreaming God are immune to everything, including Armor Piercing and Physical. Being immune means that if you hit one, it does zero damage, but otherwise counts as a hit. The Phantasm is technically also immune to both, but it's also immaterial, so you can't hit it at all; the bullet just keeps on going.

Fire-pattern for weapons is usually "Beeline": you have to be aimed right at the monster, and the bullet does whatever it's going to do to the first hunter in that direction.

Fire-pattern for the 40mm Fragmentation Grenade is "Shotgun": your aim can be off a little, and you hit ALL the hunters in that approximate direction. Of course, since damage decreases with distance, it'll eventually drop to zero and you'll stop doing damage. (The Violet Crystal also uses the "Shotgun" fire-pattern.) Damage is calculated separately for each hunter you hit, so firing into a crowd can do awesome total damage.

The Survival Knife gets its own unique fire-pattern. To hit something, you have to be aimed right at it, the maximum range is 853 (compared to a sector-width of 1024), and there can't be any other hunters in between. Thus, in the unlikely event that you have a Phantasm and a Headless ganging up on you at extremely close range, you can't stab the Headless through the Phantasm. (You could shoot him through the Phantasm using any other weapon than the knife.) Not that this situation is likely to be commonplace.

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