Re: PiD Weapon Damage
Posted By: Ron HunsingerDate: 6/26/12 9:44 p.m.

In Response To: Re: PiD Weapon Damage (Earthtopus)

: All this talk about the Violet Crystal and the frag grenades is definitely
: giving me flashbacks to my attempts to no-hit OK, Who Else Wants
: Some? I had no formal approach to judging the width of the crystal
: beams but once managed to kill all the Phantasms with 2 Violet Crystal
: blasts. That proved impossible to recreate because you have to be able
: to nab the one(s) hiding behind the deity, whose presence blocks the
: lightning.

That shouldn't be a problem. The frag grenades and the Violet Crystal both go right through monsters, even if they're immune (as the Dreaming God is). Frag grenades and the Green and Violet Crystals are the only attacks the Dreaming God won't block.

You probably fired the two shots angled too far apart, leaving a gap between them. The Dreaming God and any Phantasms behind it would have been in that gap.

Remember that being unable to "see" a hunter doesn't mean there are opaque things covering it; it means there are walls covering it. Or your light doesn't reach that far. You should have at least the flashlight on to reach the back corners.

Another possibility is that you start that round with 14 Phantasms plus the Dreaming God, only 12 of which can be hunters. Initially, three of the Phantasms will be unable to join the fray, and are therefore "safe". But those three should be in the corners, not behind the Dreaming God.

: The possible ranges for damage are interesting, and I'd have to check
: my notes if I noticed anything like that. But my HP calculations were
: extremely rudimentary...

Remember that the Carnage report divides all damages by 3. To get accurate values, look in the Saved Games file.

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