Re: Pathways graphics
Posted By: GodotDate: 2/13/12 12:05 p.m.

In Response To: Pathways graphics *LINK* (Hopper)

: All this PiD talk inspired me to dig through the old data files, because
: that's the sort of thing I do for fun nowadays. As part of my
: explorations, I created Aleph One-style Shapes files with the original
: Pathways collections, so I could browse the PiD art and color tables in
: ShapeFusion. There's nothing new or noteworthy here -- I was simply
: recreating Loren Petrich's shapes reader for my own entertainment -- but I
: figured I'd throw the files (and my Perl scripts) out there in case anyone
: else wants a look.

: The map builders may be interested in this archive of PiD item graphics ,
: with every image from the first collection as a transparent PNG. I think
: this covers every item you can pick up in the game.

Many thanks for this. This is similar to the Speaker-To-Animals' PID Shapes Dump directory


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