Am I too late to comment on Eternal?
Posted By: rampancyDate: 2/13/08 12:44 p.m.

First off, I need to say: wow. Even though I've only scratched the surface of Eternal, it's made me feel something I've not felt in a Marathon game since RX's Tycho plank. I do have some questions/requests/etc. that hopefully aren't stupid dupes of past posts...

1) Your link to the updated map file for RC5 is dead - could you fix it? And what was it supposed to fix?

2) I'm stuck on Sleep Perchance To Dream. Ugh. There's one thing I hate more than vacuum levels, and that's the Trip-O-Vision (tm). I'm not down on jumping puzzles - James Hastings-Trew's Silent As The Grave is still my all-time favorite level - but with the Extravision power up, I...ugh, it just makes it so needlessly difficult, IMO.

3) Core Done Blew and Heart of Fusion are great levels; they're not complex like RX's was, and they didn't have the gothic feel to them of MI - they really captured the design aesthetic of M1 really well. First I wondered why you didn't use M:R's Revival textures, used in an M1A1 add-on, but then I began to like your modernized take on the original Marathon textures; it really gives your levels a very distinctive feel to them.

4) What I am puzzled by are the amount of wide open spaces. Even the hallways and air ducts are very wide and expansive - I'm more used to the cramped confined feel that M1 gave, especially in Smells Like Napalm... and Arrival. Was there a specific reason why this is so?

And to comment on your question about a release schedule, I'd like to say that I'd wait for Eternal Omega but I'd also want to play actual final version of Eternal X now - I don't see the problem in shipping what you've got now as Eternal Mark X, and then go ahead with Omega later. At the very least, if something happened with Omega that would hold it up, you've still got a final release shipped.

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Am I too late to comment on Eternal?rampancy 2/13/08 12:44 p.m.
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