Expanded ponderings upon the Nahk
Posted By: ErnieDate: 7/2/04 5:12 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Ponderings on the Nahk (Forrest of B.org)

: I'm not speaking so much of technological development but of sheer loss of resources and infrastructure. A planet was lost during the S'pht victory at Lh'owon; worlds, plural, were destroyed during the Nahk revolt; the Drinniol rebellion was significantly worse than that.

A clarification: It was I who linked the loss of *something* by the Pfhor during a rebellion to technology earlier, not Forrest. I agree: Loss of infrastructure and resources would be fairly cataclysmic.


Since I need to design the information for this Nahk revolt with the Drinnol one in mind (it can't exceed it in sheer loss of resources / planets) what were the statistics you've designed for the the Drinnol one, Forrest?

The Nahk were likely faced (their ground forces at least) the Pfhor's still loyal servants - the Drinnol. Space battles removed (as one person implied that means a War, not an revolt) - what scale would Nahk ground based revolts take? Taking over spaceports, and all cities? Tearing down the Pfhor bureaucracy, as it was an affront to their gods perhaps? : D

It mentioned in Marathon Cannon the Nahk worlds were Early Novaed because (one would assume) the ground battles were being lost by the Pfhor, and "Missionaries" were escaping to other Nahk inhabited, Pfhor ruled worlds.

I doubt the Nahk were as widespread a species as the Drinnol. If one looks at the post-rebellion circumstances: the Drinnol were scared back into submission, and were present on the Marathon. The Nahk were not as fortunate as a species. They're really quite dead, with their atoms forever riding the wake of the interstellar winds.

Hey, that's a cool statement. I think I'll use that in a terminal.

Anyhow: What function could the Nahk, a localized (to a specific number of system) species have to the Pfhorish empire? Mining, and technological development? Perhaps a synthesis of two things: Mining the form of crystal once used in Fighter staffs, and also guiding their manufacture.

Once the Nahk planets were destroyed, along with their species, the Pfhor designed / modified an alternative Fighter staff type: the rounded shock staff we all know and love.
Cheeper to manufacture, although they were far less efficient.

Have I mentioned before how I love making up content in this extended Mara-verse? : D

One last thought: I mention these non-Nahk manufactured staffs as being inferior to the genuine crystal ones for a reason: I seriously doubt the Pfhor empire’s foot soldiers could have broken the Drinnol species into subservience without an infantry weapon of greater power than the M1/M2/Minf/Rubicon shockstaff. There is prescient for the Pfhor changing, or modifying their staffs: Portal of Sigma I believe. Simon described the abundance of some new type of material being used in the creation of those grim-reaper style Fighter staffs.

Anyone have any additional ideas / comments to contribute: please feel free!

-Blayne [ernie]

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