Re: Ponderings on the Drinnol rebellion
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 7/2/04 9:44 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Ponderings on the Drinnol rebellion (Ernie)

: How rare are these cybernetic junctions? A Drinnol slave revolt with one
: enhanced Hulk enhancing others would make sense, and provide an much
: greater danger. To think that *one* enhanced lifeform (without the help of
: an wacky A.I) could cause the *worst* slave revolt in Pfhor history sounds
: a little... off. I imagined even the Nahk slave revolt (of lesser danger
: than the Drinnol) as involving space battles, freeing of slaves, perhaps
: glassing of some planets? : )

: This Drinnol Rebellion would need to pose a huge danger to the Pfhor,
: obviously. Why would this be so? " Because the Hulks are strong, and
: the Pfhor are physically weak " is the initial response that leaps to
: mind.

: So?

: In a space battle, blow up a ship, and it doesn't matter how many layers of
: muscle an biological being has. Even if the Hulks are lead by a single
: [enhanced] Commander who escapes in Eternal before *that* system is Early
: Nova’ed.

This is why I imagined the rebellion must have been largely a ground-based one. Hulks are clearly one of the Pfhor's older slave races and thus probably in use all over the place, likely without a whole lot of security in place because they are well-mannered servants that do what they're told out of fear. If they all at once decided to stand up for themselves and start smacking around every Pfhor... the Pfhor might have to glass or xeem some of their own worlds to keep the Drinniol from spreading from there. Now THAT is an interesting concept... Drinniol across the whole empire rise up, hundred of Pfhor worlds are thrown into chaos and uprising, the Drinniol threaten to completely demolish the entire empire... so the Pfhor begin destroying their own worlds to stop them. I can certainly see that as the worst slave revolt in Pfhor history.

Now why would they all rise up like that?

: I suggest taking the halfway point between hundreds /or/ thousands of Drinnol
: being implanted by their brethren: and your initial “There’s only one
: implanted Drinnol” idea: Make the First (accidental) implanted Drinnol
: implant all of the other Hulks aboard that Pfhor scout ship. Thus, you
: have a similar situation to the Mjolnir Cyborgs. How many Hulks are on a
: ship? That's up to you - but this would at least provide a substantial
: number of "Generals", or commanders that could (realistically)
: lead and rally the uprising.

I rather don't like the idea of a whole bunch of cyborg Hulks, though; partly because the whole reason Hathor came back to here and now was to grab this one Hulk cause he is a Jjaro cyborg. I did just have a rather interesting notion though. I know people who are very intelligent, but so shy and introverted or emotionally unstable that you would never guess it. Borderline autistic, basically. What if the Drinniol as a race are like this? Actually a very bright species who's just so caught up between fear and anger (probably both tied to hunger, as the Drinniol have such a strange metabolism, see M1 terminals) that they can never think straight? Then one of them is granted the clarify of a view from Outside, and shows the others what they are all capable of. Thus no implantation is neccesary; it's just a sweeping social change. Once other Drinniol see what these apostles to the first one can do, and they rebel as well. Pretty soon the entire empire is in turmoil as rogue Drinniol emmisaries flit between worlds, inciting whole planets to uprising. They're only put "back in their place" again by the ultimate act of terrorism by the Pfhor - glassing their own worlds or destroying their own stars by the dozens or even hundreds.

: It would be great if your Eternal player manages to confront / kill the
: *original* Implanted Drinnol. This leaves the rest of the implanted Hulks
: to spread throughout the empire, earning Marathon Historical title of
: "worst" Pfhor slave rebellion.

That would actually help with a rather weak part of the Ch4 plot right now, where you go and blow up a the Pfhor flagship that deployed the trih xeem "just 'cause it's there", even though you have your Cybernetic Junction and can just ditch the place and it's probably best not to go about blowing up things in the past unneccesarily. But say somehow these Drinniol commanders manage to survive the early nova of this system (you survive it cause you're on board an abandoned and recently reactivated Jjaro dreadnaught at the time, whose shields are capable of tolerating such a thing; the Pfhor flagship survives because it retreats and then comes back to survey). So this badass Pfhor ship shows up and is about to glass the place... Perhaps Leela has made contact with the Drinniol planetside, convinced them that we are friendly (they have thus far assumed we are a part of the enemy), and beamed them aboard our Dreadnaught. This Dreadnaught has been set to self-destruct to keep it out of Pfhor hands, so when this Pfhor flagship shows up, we beam over WITH the enhanced Hulks for them to take it over. (We are leaving via other means).

Leela would do this because she knows historically that the Drinniol rebellion is responsible for setting back the Pfhor empire by thousands of years, and she can't risk letting such a thing not happen because of our actions here in the past.

: Clarification : Do the Pfhor use *multiple* Early Novas to put down the
: rebellion, or a single one? And when? If Marathon Cannon states that the
: rebellion emerged when the first Drinnol was accidentally implanted, and
: in the *same* system the Pfhor use an Early Nova: I'd believe that
: Marathon Cannon made an slight error in calling the Drinnol rebellion the
: worst. How can it be that bad if it only effected a single planet?

Marathon canon never says a trih xeem was used there; I have the incident happening at a major Jjaro outpost, the kind that used to be all over until the Pfhor destroyed them all after this incident (a fact which is Marathon canon), which is thus the last such colony exploited. I have the trih xeem as having been discovered here earlier, since this is the last place it could be discovered; fitting that it is also the first place it is used, as certainly the Pfhor would use the trih xeem faced with such a rebellion.

: Hope this helps.

Yes it does, very much. Thanks!

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