Re: Ponderings on the Nahk
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 7/1/04 11:16 p.m.

In Response To: Ponderings on the Nahk (Ernie)

: I recall Forrest figuring this out: Pfhor slave Revolts:
: 1st - Drinniol - the worst
: 2nd - Nahk - not as bad, but still bad
: 3rd - S'pht - less bad than the Nahk
: Given that the events of the S'pht slave revolt the player / Durandal
: wittness were fairly devistating to the Pforish Empire ... the Nahk must
: have been fairly strong opponents to rank higher than the S'pht rebellion.

You know, that's a really good point. We're told that the Pfhor have not suffered a defeat like the S'pht rebellion since the Nahk revolt. The Pfhor Empire is SACKED by the S'pht rebellion - does that imply that the Pfhor empire was sacked by the Nahk too? And since the Drinniol rebellion is called the worst slave revolt in Pfhor history, what did THEY do? Maybe this is another reason why the Pfhor empire isn't as advanced as one would expect an empire that was blowing up stars 6000+ years ago to be - every few thousand years, they get knocked back to the stone age by some client race.

That Drinniol part is actually of some importance to Eternal, seeing how chapter 4 takes place entirely within the Drinniol rebellion. I may need to rework the story around that chapter a bit, now that I think about it; right now I have the rebellion consisting of a single Hulk being implanted with a Cybernetic Junction (as per Marathon canon) by a Pfhor expedition at an abandoned Jjaro outpost. He leads his people in an uprising, showing them they have nothing to fear from the slavers (the Drinniol are subjugated by fear, again as per Marathon canon). The player arrives shortly after the start of this rebellion, after the Drinniol have more or less wiped the floor with the Pfhor, and reinforcements are arriving to deploy the newly-discovered trih xeem; the player is confronted with the cyborg Drinniol, battle ensues, and the player of course eventually wins. The trih xeem is deployed here but the player of course escapes in time.

So what becomes of the rebellion then? Certainly a contained failure at one outpost can't constitute the "worst slave revolt in Pfhor history". What else could have happened to explain this discrepancy? Confronting the Drinniol and blowing up the place are neccesary plot elements, so I can't just ditch them. I could, I suppose, have the Cyborg Drinniol be more than a match for you, not all the firepower in the game could defeat him, so you've just got to avoid him; and then perhaps when the star explodes, he somehow escapes as well. Ideas?

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