Re: Ponderings on the Drinnol rebellion
Posted By: ErnieDate: 7/2/04 9:08 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Ponderings on the Nahk (Forrest of B.org)

: You know, that's a really good point. [snip]
every few thousand years, they get knocked back to the stone age by some client race.

Or at least crippled enough that it takes them back to a pre-deep space flight era (perhaps closer to what we have today).


: right now I have the rebellion consisting of a single Hulk being implanted
: with a Cybernetic Junction (as per Marathon canon) by a Pfhor expedition
: at an abandoned Jjaro outpost. He leads his people in an uprising, showing them they have nothing to fear from the slavers (the Drinniol are
: subjugated by fear, again as per Marathon canon).

How rare are these cybernetic junctions? A Drinnol slave revolt with one enhanced Hulk enhancing others would make sense, and provide an much greater danger. To think that *one* enhanced lifeform (without the help of an wacky A.I) could cause the *worst* slave revolt in Pfhor history sounds a little... off. I imagined even the Nahk slave revolt (of lesser danger than the Drinnol) as involving space battles, freeing of slaves, perhaps glassing of some planets? : )

This Drinnol Rebellion would need to pose a huge danger to the Pfhor, obviously. Why would this be so? "Because the Hulks are strong, and the Pfhor are physically weak" is the initial response that leaps to mind.


In a space battle, blow up a ship, and it doesn't matter how many layers of muscle an biological being has. Even if the Hulks are lead by a single [enhanced] Commander who escapes in Eternal before *that* system is Early Nova’ed.


: So what becomes of the rebellion then? Certainly a contained failure at one outpost can't constitute the "worst slave revolt in Pfhor
: history". What else could have happened to explain this discrepancy?

I suggest taking the halfway point between hundreds /or/ thousands of Drinnol being implanted by their brethren: and your initial “There’s only one implanted Drinnol” idea:

Make the First (accidental) implanted Drinnol implant all of the other Hulks aboard that Pfhor scout ship. Thus, you have a similar situation to the Mjolnir Cyborgs. How many Hulks are on a ship? That's up to you - but this would at least provide a substantial number of "Generals", or commanders that could (realistically) lead and rally the uprising.

It would be great if your Eternal player manages to confront / kill the *original* Implanted Drinnol. This leaves the rest of the implanted Hulks to spread throughout the empire, earning Marathon Historical title of "worst" Pfhor slave rebellion.

: Confronting the Drinniol and blowing up the place are neccesary plot
: elements, so I can't just ditch them.

Clarification: Do the Pfhor use *multiple* Early Novas to put down the rebellion, or a single one? And when? If Marathon Cannon states that the rebellion emerged when the first Drinnol was accidentally implanted, and in the *same* system the Pfhor use an Early Nova:

I'd believe that Marathon Cannon made an slight error in calling the Drinnol rebellion the worst. How can it be that bad if it only effected a single planet?

In any case: To have the other Implanted Drinnol I mentioned leave the system would be a cool storyline move. You could then leave the rest of the rebellion to history:

It’s eventually put down. Yet: due to the player killed the first implanted one (and the Pfhor destroyed the Jjaro Outpost and it’s system shortly there after...) the revolt no longer had any access to the manufacture or salvaging of additional implants. The Hulks were eventually brought under control as their commanders fleets / capital ships were destroyed via Early Novas, or direct Pfhor Battle Group Attack.

Hope this helps.

-Blayne [ernie]

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