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Posted By: GholsbaneDate: 1/29/04 11:40 a.m.

In Response To: Re: BungieVision (the Battle Cat)

: Now I have some questions about the portraits in the Marathon 2 manual. In
: the following order from left to right, top to bottom who are the 8 people
: in the portraits? I can only identify #2 and that is just a guess, Tuncer
: is the Fred Flintstone looking guy. #5 has been established as Matt.

: Can anyone fill in the blanks? Of course this is probably on some
: web page somewhere eh?

1: Alex Seropian
2: Mark Bernal actually
3: ?
4: Jason Jones
5: Matt Soell
6: Robt McLees
7: ?
8: Doug Zartman

That leaves the following as possible perps based on the key players in the credits:

Tuncer Deniz
Greg Kirkpatrick
Reginald Dujour
Ryan Martell
Alain Roy

Alain looks like this: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/%7Eroy/faces/19smile.jpg
Ryan: http://bs.bungie.org/mtarchives/art/b-where/ryan-martell.jpg
Greg: http://bs.bungie.org/mtarchives/art/b-where/greg-kirkpatrick.jpg

My guesses are:

3: Greg Kirkpatrick (come on, he's gotta be one of them)
7: Ryan Martell (there's a similarity there... I could very easily be wrong though...)

Cos Alain's definitely not there, and Tuncer is only a special thanks anyway.

As for Mr. Dujour; I always thought of Reginald as a bit of an outsider from the various reports I've read so I dunno if he would make an appearance in the manual. Didn't he even leave before the game shipped?

Man, I really need to update the BST.

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