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PAL realization
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 6/10/11 6:58 a.m.

In Response To: Re: More needler evidence (NsU Soldier)

: Looks almost identical (if not identical ) in regards to speed, both in
: terms of rate of fire and projectile velocity. Compare HCEA to HCE.
: Wouldn't call that "quite a different beast."

Useful reply! Thanks also to the remark of a friend, I now think things might be explained by H1 weapon differences between PAL and NTSC/PC, which I'd forgotten about. I'll explain, then raise a few new points.

Yesterday a UK buddy reminded me that weapons differ on NTSC and PC. I've previously been struck by how much faster the NTSC/PC pistol fires; so maybe the needler is likewise faster? I couldn't find a helpful YouTube vid to get an example, but you've handily provided a PC link, ta very much. So I grabbed the vid and counted frames to see how fast a needler gets through a clip. It varied between 1.9 and 2.1 seconds, which indeed makes it consistent with that CEA needler. Apparently you NTSC and PC folk have had a turbo-charged needler all along! Geez, talk about having it easy. There's still the issue of needle speed, but I guess that too could be explained by things being faster on NTSC/PC (I can't measure speeds well enough to tell).

Conclusion: that CEA needler may indeed have the workings of an NTSC/PC original. So maybe weapons aren't having their workings modernized after all.

But even if that's so, it would still make the gameplay feel different for PAL players. So when 343i talks about the gameplay being identical to H1, that's only really for the NTSC/PC crowd. It's kind of like the PAL folk have got the short end of the stick here (unless the game comes equipped with an option to simulate PAL H1 - which ain't gonna happen).

It would also leave me curious about something. Why haven't the weapons been made to look and sound like the originals? Those aspects do appear to've been modernized. What's might be 343i's rationale in having a mish-mash of identity which will make the weapons familiar to nobody?

: Also when the Grunt fires he
: is far away from the player. That's an ill comparison to a shot of a
: player shooting a stationary Elite with one almost point blank. Travel
: times are probably the same, but the distances involved make things look
: slower or faster.

The Grunt footage was far from ideal, I know. I certainly take your points.

Bad Cyborg

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