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Re: What Retcon?
Posted By: Bry <>Date: 1/25/09 3:07 p.m.

In Response To: Re: What Retcon? (scarab)

: Except for several ODSTs, they weren't killed. Mere Humans.

The logical conclusion is the ODST's, which if we remember were in the upper atmosphere in their drop-pods, were out of the lethal range.
But close enough to thrown off course, hence the trailer and the entire premise of the game.

: Truth would not have known that Earth was in any way important until Regret
: arrived there.
: Unless...
: Was Earth just another lead, following the Librarian? Or did Truth and Regret
: know that the Ark was there.
: Regret, regretted being too impulsive. Was he instructed to wait by Truth,
: wait while he sent a Brute taskforce to do the job? Did Regret want to
: find the Ark himself and moved before the Brutes arrived?

Well we can only speculate on a lot of that, but we do know that Regret acted before Truth wanted him too and he was rather furious as a result. Perhaps he feared if whatever they wanted from Earth had been found by the Elites, it would have far reaching consequences for the Covenant, or at least the Prophets.

The thing is, I have a hunch that they might not have found out about the portal to the Ark from either before hand or from Regret's little visit. He seemed to have a different goal which took him to Delta Halo.
Perhaps it wasn't until Guilty Spark was interrogated by Truth and Mercy later in Halo 2 that the true significance of the Ark, and the portal to it on Earth became clear.
That seemed to be the trigger moment that really kicked things off.

: It was the pretext he needed. Yet you think that he would risk his plans by
: acting prematurely, without any chance of popular support. That's piss
: poor strategy. What if news got out whilst he was still surrounded by
: Elite honour guards? What would they do if they knew that the hierarchs
: had decided to murder their race? What does he say to them when they burst
: into his chambers, mad as hell?

Let's back up a moment there.
Let's think. A tragic event that would rally popular support against the Elites?
Something that struck at the very heart of the Covenants beliefs.
The death of a Heirarch? No, that was not the Elites first big failing which set many things in motion.
There was something else.

The destruction of the Alpha Halo.

That happened on the Elites watch, right under their... mandibles as it were.
From the very start of Halo 2 in the aftermath of that event, we see the Brutes slowly starting to take over, being moved into advantageous positions.
It was Brutes that led the Arbiter out of the council chambers for his punishment.
A Brute that then dealt out that punishment.
And it was Brutes that dragged him through to the Mausoleum to become the Arbiter.
They were even flying Phantoms and accompanying Spec-ops Elites and the Arbiter to silence the so-called 'Heretics'.
The death of Regret just made it very easy to put the Brutes in the position of Honour Guard, providing that protection for Truth against any unhappy Elites while further reinforcing what would rapidly have seemed like Sangheili incompetence.
It was a deliberate action after all. One of the cutscenes reveals that Truth recalled Phantoms that were going to reinforce Regret's guards.
Let's face it, the entire scheme of the Heirarchs was risky.
One or two blips or hasty decisions here and there can probably be forgiven. They weren't perfect.

I don't think Bungie have written a flawless story with no holes in it what-so-ever, and I doubt they would claim they have.
But its not exactly impossible to explain what was going on either.

Hopefully, for once, they'll explain more than just how Halo's and the Flood work (again), lol.

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