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Re: What Retcon?
Posted By: scarabDate: 1/25/09 1:39 p.m.

In Response To: Re: What Retcon? (Bry)

: I think its very safe to say that at this point, the blast from Regret's ship
: entering slipspace (remember the cutscene in Halo 2? It was hardly subtle.
: It was rather like a nuclear bomb going off) killed anything that was
: still on the ground in New Mombasa.

Except for several ODSTs, they weren't killed. Mere Humans.

: And if there were any Elite survivors, the BWU would seem to heavily suggest
: the follow up invasion of Brutes would have had orders to eliminate them
: immediately, rather than risk any more Forerunner artefacts ending up in
: Sangheili hands.

What invasion of Brutes? Regret didn't expect to find us on Earth, where did these Brutes come from? How did they get there so fast? How long was the rookie out? I thought that it was just hours.

Truth would not have known that Earth was in any way important until Regret arrived there.


Was Earth just another lead, following the Librarian? Or did Truth and Regret know that the Ark was there.

Regret, regretted being too impulsive. Was he instructed to wait by Truth, wait while he sent a Brute taskforce to do the job? Did Regret want to find the Ark himself and moved before the Brutes arrived?

That way the Brutes would have been on their way already and may have arrived just after Regret left. They could have moved immediately to secure the city, the Elites would have yielded to Truth's authority.

: The point that is made clear here is that Truth's decision to replace the
: Elites goes back a looong way. It wasn't a spur of the moment reaction to
: Regret's death at all, that was just a very convenient excuse to make it
: more public.

It was the pretext he needed. Yet you think that he would risk his plans by acting prematurely, without any chance of popular support. That's piss poor strategy. What if news got out whilst he was still surrounded by Elite honour guards? What would they do if they knew that the hierarchs had decided to murder their race? What does he say to them when they burst into his chambers, mad as hell?

: The Schism and Covenant civil war would still have occurred, and probably at
: a similar time, even if Regret had lived.
: Behind the scenes and outside of the Elites knowledge, it had already been
: happening.
: You could even trace the first hints of that to Contact Harvest.

The key to killing the Elites is to move fast, everywhere. Truth needed to remove his Elite guards before he made a move against their race. He was taking on a race of warriors who occupied positions of power all over the Covenant. They led his armies and captained his warships. They would have access to military comms nets. One message from Earth would be enough to make his plan harder.

But he may not have needed to kill them. They would have been disorganized after the pulse, their leader and his authority had left. They were still loyal so would have obeyed an order to leave the city. It wasn't even necessary to kill them. If your commander in chief tells you to go, you go.

It doesn't work if Truth sends Brutes after the events in New Mombassa. It would take too long for them to arrive. We saw Brutes in the city hours after the pulse. They had to have been on their way for some time.

I think that Regret had been instructed to wait for them. He didn't, hence the events in h2.

ODST has to explain why Regret went to Earth. There is a LOT to explain.

Earth was nothing to the Forerunner culture/civ. It was unkown, a nothing, until immediately prior to the activation. There would have been no clues to its existence in Forerunner installations. It took so long to find because it was far from their locations and interests.

I think that this idea, of Earth being unknown, was invented after h2. It happened because h2 couldn't be finished. The books suggested that the Prophets were following a bread crumb trail from Forerunner site to Forerunner site, looking for the Ark. The Ark would have been Earth. Its a long time since I read the books but that's the impression I got.

Reach had an important Forerunner site. This makes no sense if the Forerunners didn't know of earth, a near neighbour. How can earth be in a remote, far away place that is next door to a Forerunner site? Its an oxymoron. I think that earth's discovery by the Forerunner is a retcon.

I think that the story has changed from following Forerunner sites to following the Librarian.

Question is, how would they follow L? What traces would L leave? Did they have DNA samples from places she(?) had been? That would identify her past locations but what would point to her next ports of call? Did she leave forwarding addresses? Tight beam comms relays?

Can you think of anything that would lead the Covenant to the Earth?

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