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Re: Timeline in BWU
Posted By: Leviathan <>Date: 1/24/09 3:11 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Timeline in BWU (MELEE)

: Ya, you guys make some good points. After looking again at the timeline
: presented again it does take a long time for truth to make it back to
: earth after leaving high charity.

: It seems a bit off compared to what was presented in halo 2, but i suppose we
: don't know what really happened.

: It also seems like a long time for master chief to be away from earth while
: they were under such an attack. Obviously the chief had some important
: things to attend to and they had no idea how long they would be gone, but
: in transit to delta halo chief had not fired a weapon for nearly two
: weeks, quite a difficult trade-off to make considering the state of earth.
: He could have killed quite a bit of covies in that time.

This is true, and sad.

... But if Regret had lived and managed to activate Delta Halo... Then there wouldn't have been anything to fight for back on Earth. Think about if Master Chief could has possibly known and chosen which path- to go after Regret and stop his schemes, or stay for Truth's under-the-table invasion- well, that would have been a very difficult choice.

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