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Timeline in BWU
Posted By: MELEEDate: 1/24/09 11:58 a.m.

I am a bit confused about the timeline presented in the update last night used to setup the ODST timeframe. Specifically, the first two bullets:

October 20: New Mombasa, Kenya is destroyed by the Slipstream Space Rupture Backlash from the Prophet of Regretís ship.

November 2: The Prophet of Regretís ship and In Amber Clad arrive at Delta Halo. Prophet of Regret liquidated by SPARTAN-117.

Am I alone in thinking these two dates seem a lot further apart than anticipated? I always thought that after the clad followed regret's ship through slipstream that they arrived at Delta halo the same day...the same hour even. Now they do say Nov 2 is the date that they "arrive" at delta halo, which might imply the date they placed their feet on the ring, but again I assumed this was all taking place the same day in a short amount of time.

I would like to play through these events to see if I am forgetting a major part of the game, but my box is out for RROD repair. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this, as to why almost 2 weeks pass between the jump and landing on Delta Halo...perhaps slipstream takes longer than i remember.

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