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Re: Update- *long* - *HGN SPOILERS*
Posted By: NOMADDate: 7/23/06 2:05 p.m.

In Response To: Update- *long* - *HGN SPOILERS* (Mr. Paul)

very interesting Mr Paul, very impressive too for getting the info at Comic-con

(I know you said stuff-It but look below)

The time/date stamp in the program code window match the time found in novel halo: first strike, pg 272 ( the only difference is the date ( Sept 12th in HGN and 13th i the H:FS). probably because of the travel distance involved ( and the estimated date after the slip-space battle)

Robert's page seem to be hinting that, as we've seen in Halo: the flood novel, the story in ILB, the original Spartan ones are still around. make's me wonder if we have proof that johnson is a 1 or a 1.1.

Also the ironey that both the spec-ops commander and johson are tought as nails, commited to their causes, and both (???) in their respected special forces is interesting.

: I talked to Robert McLees at Comic-Con and I found out a few more things
: about his picture on page 122. First, he wrote the two chat dialogues (the
: one with Halsey he got the help of a programming friend), he didn't just
: draw the pretty picture. Second, the marine shooting the rifle in the top
: two photographs (in the gallery piece) is Johnson (read: w00t). Thirdly,
: the guy at the lower right hand insert is the target of assassination,
: which we see is successfully carried out in the picture to the left. I
: also found out what the little inserts that you can barely (or not at all)
: read are, starting with the second one from the top (I can't remember what
: the one at the top is, though I think it's the mission icon/info): 1)
: M99 "Stanchion" - the gun Johnson is firing

: 2) Ohana Prescient Systems ATLAS - the spec readout of the computer the dude
: to Johnson's right is using

: 3,4) The specs of the two cars in the picture in the lower left. Lastly, the
: two people chatting in the left chat-box are two ONI dudes, while on the
: right chat-box there is an intrusion (by Halsey) for the files
: (48789-20114-AJ.txt), which is indeed found and looked into by a Security
: A.I. or tracer program.

: These were the answers I got from Robert McLees, not speculation, so
: stuff-it.

: Also, the Supreme commander in "The Last Voyage of the Infinite
: Succor" is very much the Arbiter (I asked Lee Hammock himself) in a
: cool purple outfit (with cape and all).

: All in all, I'm glad I attended the Bungie panel at CCI instead of the Samuel
: L. Jackson one. Oh, side-story: I was getting a signature from Mrs.
: Lorraine McLees after their panel on Friday and I took so long getting
: signatures from the other artists that (since she was my last one) Frankie
: came over and took her away mid signature... but he's Frankie, he can do
: whatever he wants, because he's cool and awesome, etc. Luckily I caught up
: the next day with Lorraine and I got all taken care of in the signature
: debt. All in all, if the friendliness of the Bungie crew at CCI this year
: were a book (bad analogy?) it would be worthy of the New York Times
: Bestseller List. Frankie is awesome, but probably more awesome are
: Lorraine McLees, Moebius (a comic-uber-god apparently :P), and Maria
: Cabardo (who Lorraine gave many props to in the HGN intro), as well as all
: of the other talented people (including Frankie of course) who managed to
: construct such a beautiful piece of artwork.

: P.S.: Oh yeah, and this kid in a red shirt at the panel... he had it in for
: Frankie, maybe Frankie will say something about it later, but this dude
: had some far out story related questions about some pretty random stuff...
: I should be quiet, he probably frequents HBO. :D

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