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Update- *long* - *HGN SPOILERS*
Posted By: Mr. Paul <>Date: 7/23/06 2:06 a.m.

In Response To: Robert McLees' is a |337 speaker!!! (Mr. Paul)

: No, not really, however he did add two "chat room"-like sections of
: text to his page 122 contribution to the HGN. Scrolling down the list, you
: can for such names as HALSEY (crazy cool scientist lady, mother figure to
: the Chief), and HERZOG (from ILB, deceased). It looks as though Halsey's
: username to connect to is
: HALSEYSRB4695. She pulls a file called 48789-20114-AJ.txt, but it seems
: she was being watched, either by a person or A.I.

: Herzog's name was mentioned by two marines (well, only one of them, but there
: are two in the conversation). They are talking about some people looking
: for files on their network called "alpha juliett juliett 20114"
: (the name mentioned by the chatting marines changes, though I think it's
: because they are lazy typers and screw it up) and "charlie hotel
: 4695" (who is on the Gettysburg. hmm). Anyway, at the bottom, this is
: written: "Be that as it may: golf51979 doesn't play that fiefdom crap
: like tango1275* did. Golf51979 was a military appointment. Sierra10852 was
: ** executed for the Herzog killing."

: *Last number blocked by a picture of some marines in a hog exploding, the
: marines, not the hog.; **Blocked by the picture, though the sentence makes
: sense even the pic is blocking empty space at the end of a line.

: So, we can at least surmise that Sierra10852 is Standish (from ILB) and that
: he was executed by Golf51979 or by his will (he could be the judge if
: Standish went to trial). Golf51979 is probably from ONI section zero.

I talked to Robert McLees at Comic-Con and I found out a few more things about his picture on page 122. First, he wrote the two chat dialogues (the one with Halsey he got the help of a programming friend), he didn't just draw the pretty picture. Second, the marine shooting the rifle in the top two photographs (in the gallery piece) is Johnson (read: w00t). Thirdly, the guy at the lower right hand insert is the target of assassination, which we see is successfully carried out in the picture to the left. I also found out what the little inserts that you can barely (or not at all) read are, starting with the second one from the top (I can't remember what the one at the top is, though I think it's the mission icon/info):

1) M99 "Stanchion" - the gun Johnson is firing

2) Ohana Prescient Systems ATLAS - the spec readout of the computer the dude to Johnson's right is using

3,4) The specs of the two cars in the picture in the lower left. Lastly, the two people chatting in the left chat-box are two ONI dudes, while on the right chat-box there is an intrusion (by Halsey) for the files (48789-20114-AJ.txt), which is indeed found and looked into by a Security A.I. or tracer program.

These were the answers I got from Robert McLees, not speculation, so stuff-it.

Also, the Supreme commander in "The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor" is very much the Arbiter (I asked Lee Hammock himself) in a cool purple outfit (with cape and all).

All in all, I'm glad I attended the Bungie panel at CCI instead of the Samuel L. Jackson one. Oh, side-story: I was getting a signature from Mrs. Lorraine McLees after their panel on Friday and I took so long getting signatures from the other artists that (since she was my last one) Frankie came over and took her away mid signature... but he's Frankie, he can do whatever he wants, because he's cool and awesome, etc. Luckily I caught up the next day with Lorraine and I got all taken care of in the signature debt. All in all, if the friendliness of the Bungie crew at CCI this year were a book (bad analogy?) it would be worthy of the New York Times Bestseller List. Frankie is awesome, but probably more awesome are Lorraine McLees, Moebius (a comic-uber-god apparently :P), and Maria Cabardo (who Lorraine gave many props to in the HGN intro), as well as all of the other talented people (including Frankie of course) who managed to construct such a beautiful piece of artwork.

P.S.: Oh yeah, and this kid in a red shirt at the panel... he had it in for Frankie, maybe Frankie will say something about it later, but this dude had some far out story related questions about some pretty random stuff... I should be quiet, he probably frequents HBO. :D

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