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Re: 7 steps, 3 rooms, 3 keys, 3 locks

Posted By: Pfhormula <pfhormula@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 5 June 2001, 15:18

In Response To: Re: 7 steps, 3 rooms (mnemesis)

The '3' must be relation to 'a' glyph (if indeed thats what Chelsea is talking about). We know that a solution or a key from one doesn't effect another. So it could be, that there are three parts to find in each glyph. ...But that just makes more numbers to find ...and my head really doesn't like the sound of that, I'm having a problems finding one, let alone three;/

"Seven steps down, in a building, I found three rooms. Each room contained a special key to a special lock."

A special key to a special lock

> I agree. Maybe each dial has a three-part solution (text, numbers,
> whatever). The corresponding parts from each dial go together to form
> three seven-part 'answers' - the center glyphs go together and the outer
> numbers combine to form two more parts (?). I'm not sure about the outer
> numbers, but there seems to be room for a lot of information in them, and
> this scenarion would match up with the "seven steps, three
> rooms" clue.

> As far as the stacking idea goes, I don't think the "Contact"
> method would work here, as there doesn't seem to be anything that relates
> the outer numbers from one dial to another.

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