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Theory for Dial #7: "74" = "W"

Posted By: Mav <web_tester226@yahoo.com>
Date: 9 June 2001, 04:35

There's hope for me yet! Just maybe : )

Just to be perfectly clear: I'm not aware anyone's said this before. But if you have, please tell me right away and provide a link to your
post on this board so credit can be given where credit is due!

My theory: The "answer" to the central symbol of G7 is "W," the chemical symbol for tungsten, which is the 74th element on the periodic table, that
oh-so-helpful chemistry guide.

(And of course, I could be wrong : P. Even if so, I hope something I write here is useful.)

I was thinking some more about the glyphs tonight, and the two solutions to the central symbols of G2 and G6 thus far. This could get slightly long, since I'm trying to build up some proof, so bear with me now:

--G2 was determined, I assume, from the "32" + the 7/10 full bar. The ingenious people who correctly determined the 7/10 to be a separate fraction then
found that there was an exact matching frequency, 32.7Hz, which translates in more recognizable musical terms to the note "C." Seems Chelsea agrees
that that's the correct answer. G2 solved!

--G6 was determined by the connections between the c, 8, e, and 14 on the grid. mnemesis dug out his extensive knowledge of the New York subways
and found out that another line, aside from A, intersected with C and E between 8th and 14th (apologies if this isn't completely accurate). That was the
"L" line -- which fit with "L." Chelsea has also seemingly told us in her cryptically intriguing way that "L" is the correct answer. G7 also solved!

The point I'm making here is that by deciphering the mini-puzzles within puzzles, we take multiple steps even within the center symbol before we finally
figure out what the central symbol finally translates to when all's said and done. Figuring out the symbols is the crucial first step, but after that, we have
to make relations to a theme/region/etc. of some kind to 2) find (so far) what the central symbol would then be, expressed as an actual letter of the

For example, G2: 32 and 7/10 pixels...32 7/10...32.7...32.7Hz...which is the frequency for the note "C".

G6: 8, c, 14, e...C & E...8 & 14...intersections....with..."L!"

I certainly can't take credit for people finding out that the symbol is G7 is Mayan for 74. That was great stuff which of course I had no part of : P! But at
the same time, Claude's words got me thinking again, in which he stopped short of saying that G7 was indeed solved.

That made me wonder. The crack team of Fanfest Forum Researchers found 74, but 74 is but the first step to decoding the puzzle, I think, since we only really went from looking at a Mayan 74 to looking at an Arabic 74. Now that we know that the number's 74, there needs to be at least one more step taken to find what letter it stands for.

I pondered and pondered, thinking how hasn't-struck-anything-even-halfway-resembling-gold-Mav could possibly make the genius leap from 74 to a letter, when I remembered something where 74 might actually make some sense.

The periodic table.

Lo and behold, the 74th element of the periodic table was basically surrounded, no, engulfed by other two-letter elements in the immediate vicinity, struck me in its oddity. Its simplicity. It had but one letter for a name.

The letter "W." (W is the chemical symbol of tungsten, and the 74 denotes its atomic number. As per my Google researching for periodic tables and atomic numbers [which made for a simultaneous partial chemistry refresher course : )], W's atomic number of 74 refers to both the number of protons the atom contains (74), as well as the number of electrons it would have if uncharged (74).)

I therefore believe that G7 = "W."



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