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Methods behind the madness

Posted By: Graphite <graphite@planetquake.com>
Date: 9 June 2001, 04:40

I'm a big fan of the Myst series, which many of you are familiar with. Increasingly in that series, it's possible to decipher how the puzzle was made, rather than look for the single solution; that is, understand how it works and you could figure the puzzle out with completely different symbols/numbers/etc.

My point in bringing this up is that by understanding how Claude, Chelsea, and Company THINK (well, as much as we can), we may have an easier time solving the rest of their puzzles.

We know that numbering figures heavily into the puzzles, but numbering in different cultures as well. Sumerian, Mandarin, Mayan, and maybe more. (Don't think it escaped my notice that the Mayans and Chinese, and maybe the Sumerians, were damn good astronomers, by the way! ;) ). Babylonian was mentioned, but only to distinguish it from Sumerian... Roman is also a possibility given the figures in glyph 1.

Music may also play a role - glyph 2 has (I think) been confirmed as being "C" as in musical, middle C. There's also an idea that glyph 5's symbol is a treble clef, and don't forget that Chelsea's been alluding to songs such as Stung Kissing (track 16) and Tremate, Empi, Tremate (track 10).

Anyone care to comment on these or other traits I may have passed over?

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