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Re: Glyph #6 and Accessibility

Posted By: Mav <web_tester226@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 June 2001, 01:10

In Response To: Re: Glyph #6 - Solved (I think) (mnemesis)

> So, after reading a couple of other posts, I'm looking at a New York City
> rail map and I see that there is a station at 14th and 8th, and two of
> the three lines that stop there are C and E. Sound familiar? Additionally,
> the two bus lines that transfer at that station are M10 and M14.

> On the sixth glyph, 10 and 14 are above and below the INTERSECTION of
> c,8,14, and e. This is WAY too close to be a coincidence.

The only other line that goes through that station is the L line. Elle. Chelsea is waiting for Elle. Waiting for us to come up with "L" as the answer to the
glyph that relates to an underground, tubular system.

The answer to the center of glyph #6 is "L".


---Very nice job man! 2 down and 5 to go. Though I'm getting a bit worried that this answer to what the center symbol in Dial #6 is ("L") is blowing a considerable hole in my "this puzzle is accessible to everyone" theory...I hope not ALL of the glyphs are so regional in nature...or if they are, there's a glyph that pertains to a region _I'm_ familiar with : P

So I guess there _was_ an 8 and 14 in that glyph. Confirmation appreciated, everyone!


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