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Marathon Infinity and the Subway

Posted By: Rincewind MoG
Date: 7 June 2001, 19:48

In Response To: Re: Glyph #6 - Solved (I think) (Chelsea Bridge)

64nally, in the depths of night, Elle came.

> It looks like I was standing in the right terminal all along.

> Then, just as timely as she arrived, we vanished into the tubulae together
> as her glasses lit the way ahead.

> Truly,
> Chelsea

Yay, now Chelsea won't be late for whatever. More importantly, this post seems to indicate that number six has been solved... hooray!

Now, the Marathon connection dealie. I think I've already mentioned this some where, but now I have specific quotes:

Where are monsters in dreams (Terminal 1)


I'm in the same street, and as I reach into my pocket for my keys, my eyes follow the blackened streaks of gum that pock-mark the sidewalk. The man is gone, and someone in sanitation cleaned up the aparitions and vomit in a real hurry. I hurry down the stairs heading for the subway, but my keys aren't in my pocket anymore. I'll have to get in through the side window.

The subway station is very bright and shining from the sanitation team that has been sweeping a swath in front of me. The concrete floor is losing years of tarnish, keeping only the protective layer of the gum streaks which make up constellations in an otherwise vacant sky.

The train arrives right on time, and just ahead of a mass of dark suited men who have been following me for what seems like years now. Between the sanitation and the suits, I must be going colorblind, but the train is here now, and those men, no, they won't catch me...


Whatever You Please (Terminal 0)


I should stop talking out loud, everyone on the train is looking at me now. I must have gone farther than I wanted because everyone here is different than me. Why should they care that I'm talking, some of them are talking and about fairly irrelevant things. 'The ends justify the means.' 'Where the is no justification, there is no end. There is only means.' I thought that they were looking mean, but they were only talking.

The noise in the train crescendoes as the train comes into a station, this station is lined with black suited men, and behind them I can see the pantomime of good and evil continue with the sanitation workers trying to mop the black suits off the sunglassed and toupeed men who are not resisting at all.

Indeed, they have nothing to worry about. They can just cling to the constellations of gum, there is nothing the sanitation workers can do about that.

Its all just human nature, we don't fit onto the curve, either. Simply, there is no curve, our science is approximation, good guessing.

The suits are going to get me this time, but I'm lucky. I have my keys in my pocket now, and I'm opening the other subway door...


Granted, now that the glyph is apparently solved, this is all probably pretty pointless, but I want to feel wanted.

Pfhor Civil Service Stamp: REALLY, NOT CONNECTED WITH BUNGIE OR B.ORG. Honest, this time!

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