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Re: Glyph #6 - Solved (I think)

Posted By: Shade <wwight@wso.williams.edu>
Date: 7 June 2001, 18:38

In Response To: Re: Glyph #6 - Solved (I think) (Grasshopper)

> Most excellent work mnemesis! Well done indeed! Now let me ask you this:
> is there any way to extract _more_ text from that answer? Does the station
> have a name?

According to the MTA web page, the station, which I think is just called 14th Street, is right by Joyce Theater. I don't know if that's very usefull. Anyway, I still want to know what to do with all the other numbers on the dial. I can't believe they'd just be there to throw us off. Glyph 6 would have been just as hard without extra numbers as a red herring. Here they are again. The ones we've used are in parentheses and correspond to the M10 and M14 buses/connections from the station.

(10), 4, 15, 80 (14), 15, 20, 66

Should we try to find another subway station with the leftovers? Or maybe we should start thinking about L and try to relate it to 74. As Chelsea said, "Then, just as timely as she [Elle] arrived, we vanished into the tubulae together as her glasses lit the way ahead. "

L could be 64 + 12 = 76 in ASCII. That's pretty close to 74 (or is it J?).

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