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But he said we you where close already...theories:

Posted By: Aginor <Kobold@wanadoo.nl>
Date: 7 June 2001, 13:26

In Response To: Take a ride on the ? train... (eli)

i've been following this, i dont have muchof an education so i'm afraid i'll only say nonsensical stuff, but if i remeber correctly,
claude said that you guys where close already, so bringing in this train theory (which sounds neat......for people in chicago, not for me i'm in europa haha)
would be like taking it off track agan so to say(hahaha 8)
and also another thought, if it was an IP adress, which could lead to a site,
then why 7 glyphs? does chelsea mean by all the three's she throws around that you need to find the three rotten glyphs? so that four remain and they for an usefull IP?
since, again if i remeber correctly it WAS a numeral puzzle right?
claude said as much i remeber...
damn, why cant you smart guys solve it 8)) i'm dead curious hahaha,
i wish i was smart too!!!!! *cries* 8)

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