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Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 10/12/13 9:59 a.m.

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: Then it must truly be a chore for you to do the M2 Tour of Duty. Thanks for
: pressing on.

Actually, I don't really mind writing about M2, or even playing it for that matter: it's mostly just boring in comparison to the other two games. The only problem I have is the intense non-linearity. It sucks to have to come up with your own order for nearly every level. Nuke and Pave was the worst that way, though some of the others are pretty bad too.

: It seems that people either really prefer M1 to M2 (the dark look) or the
: other way around (the colorful and spacious look). I enjoy M2 more since
: we are not confined to the innards of an old moon most of the time. Its
: all preferences.

I personally prefer the darkness of M1 to the over-the-top brightness of M2: it's much more immersive, I think. Fighting aliens in dark, metal corridors feels much better than going full-on Rambo against them in a brightly-lit environment full of stone and plastic (which don't fit together very well, mind you). Which brings me to the other problem with M2 - there's weapons and ammo lying around everywhere. Unless you're scratch-starting, Six Thousand Feet Under and the two levels after it really aren't too difficult, mainly because you've already got so much ammo from the previous levels. For most of the game, you can just mow down the enemy with the AR, your only ammo problems being with the Shotguns, which can suck up shells much faster than you can replenish them. In M1 though, ammo problems are around every corner, if you're not careful. Scratch-starting any level can be a challenge, forcing you to use your Fists all the time. The gameplay fits the atmosphere in that respect.


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