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: : Then it must truly be a chore for you to do the M2 Tour of Duty. Thanks
: for

: Actually, I don't really mind writing about M2, or even playing it for that
: matter: it's mostly just boring in comparison to the other two games. The
: only problem I have is the intense non-linearity. It sucks to have to come
: up with your own order for nearly every level. Nuke and Pave was the
: worst that way, though some of the others are pretty bad too.

That's exactly what I like about them :)

: : It seems that people either really prefer M1 to M2 (the dark look) or the

: I personally prefer the darkness of M1 to the over-the-top brightness of M2:
: it's much more immersive, I think. Fighting aliens in dark, metal
: corridors feels much better than going full-on Rambo against them in a
: brightly-lit environment full of stone and plastic

I honestly never thought of any of the materials in M2 as being plastic, for some reason.

(which don't fit
: together very well, mind you). Which brings me to the other problem with
: M2 - there's weapons and ammo lying around everywhere . Unless you're
: scratch-starting, Six Thousand Feet Under and the two levels after it
: really aren't too difficult, mainly because you've already got so much
: ammo from the previous levels. For most of the game, you can just mow down
: the enemy with the AR, your only ammo problems being with the Shotguns,
: which can suck up shells much faster than you can replenish them. In M1
: though, ammo problems are around every corner, if you're not careful.
: Scratch-starting any level can be a challenge, forcing you to use your
: Fists all the time. The gameplay fits the atmosphere in that respect.

True, but I think fighting with fists only generates tension when you're trying to vid something, or attempting to kill something ridiculous with fists, like a juggernaut. Otherwise it's just the most boring way to kill anything.


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