Posted By: AntarcticoDate: 8/1/13 12:08 p.m.

In Response To: Re: AAARGGH!!! (treellama)

: It's really tempting to ship this with Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity,
: except it will break any films recorded with those games using Aleph
: One :(

Having played all three Marathons under Aleph One, the higher limits are not a problem. Bungie was very careful not to overload their maps with active monsters. Basically, you would have to intentionally break a map by running through it and activating everything you could trip over to cause a map to go into the stupids and make the Pfhor go happy nap time. Fortunately, there are only a handful of maps where this can be done. A good example of this in Marathon is BobBQ. One way to get past the start in the original Marathon is to run around like a fiend until there are so many critters active they start to freeze. I still play the map like this, even though under Aleph One the map keeps chugging along, basically because I like the sensation of chaos.

I actually rather enjoy the higher limits for the original three games as it helps maintain immersion in those map that might lock up. The problem comes in the fan made stuff that was developed before Aleph One, Marathon Red and Tempus Irae being the two worst offenders. Both scenarios try to make up for some dubious map layouts by overloading them with too many triggerable enemies in an attempt to provide challenge to the player. In the final level of Marathon Red, on the highest difficulty, there is so much, er, challenge going on that the only way I was able to get to the end of the final level playing under MI was to intentionally break the map by over triggering the monsters so enough of them would nod off that I could get through to the exit.

So, for Marathon Red, Hopper's cool plugin might be the only thing that will allow the game to be completed at its highest difficulty, running under Aleph One, in a human reasonable amount of time. Thanks again Hopper!

: Did we end up putting the limits in for the Marathon beta?

Based on my film of BobBQ clearly not, otherwise with my running around like my ass was on fire play style, I would have locked up the map withing the first few minutes.

If Hopper's plugin doesn't break anything (and I don't see why it would), I would suggest leaving the limits off in Marathon, but including his plugin in the download package so for those folks who want, or need, to experience that classic going-to-sleep monster dynamic, they can. Just my two-cents, of course. :)

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