TCs For The Rampancy Boys (was: AAARGGH!!!)
Posted By: AntarcticoDate: 8/1/13 10:48 a.m.

In Response To: Re: AAARGGH!!! (PerseusSpartacus)

: : Do not play Marathon Red , you will both die horrible, grisly deaths of
: such

: Indeed. I downloaded the A1 version, started playing on Easy (Marathon
: RED renames all the difficulty levels so that Kindergarten becomes
: 'Easy', Easy becomes 'Normal', Normal becomes 'Major Damage', Major
: Damage becomes 'Total Carnage', and Total Carnage becomes
: something like 'Death Wish'), and never figured out how to get past
: 'Need More Duct Tape'. How do you escape the first part, for crying
: out loud?!

Persevere? :)

: In truth, I would probably recommend Evil , Tempus Irae , or Rubicon .
: Evil is nice and short, but still tough, Tempus Irae is a fair length
: and is great fun from the start (I haven't finished it yet, but I can
: already tell it rocks), and Rubicon is ultra-long and absolutely the
: best. A lot of people think of Rubicon as the unofficial climax to the
: Marathon series, and I sometimes feel like I agree with them. In truth,
: however, it's length and the fact that none of the levels were actually
: designed to allow Co-Op mean it's probably unfeasible. Not sure about
: the others, though.

Definitely Evil, absolutely yes, it is brilliant from start to finish. Rubicon I'm not so enthused about. Rubicon's problem is it's just way, way, way too long -- it is punch yourself in the groin too long. I remember being half-way through and feeling like I had hit my head and was in some sort of semi-conscious stupor. If Narcogen and Blackstar did a video series for Rubicon, they would be done just about in time for the 2014 Olympics. I have very mixed emotions about Tempus Irae. The maps all look beautiful, but the sandwich traps made of front, and rear, and side teleporting enemies are like the worst parts of M2, but on super steroid crack. The damn developer actually coined the term "The Rear Admiral" to describe TI's, ehem, posterior ventilating level design. So, basically, Tempus Irae looks as good as a birthday cake sitting on a plate covered in $100 bills, but it plays like evil, tedious, ass.

BTW, please do not take my use of colorful language as an endorsement for the sub-legal set to do likewise. I'm old, I'm cranky, and at this geological age of my life, the only one who is going to wash my mouth out with soap is me. ;D

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