Posted By: NarcogenDate: 7/31/13 8:51 p.m.

In Response To: Re: AAARGGH!!! (Godot)

: Aye. Doing this level co-op should have been a breeze, like getting the
: secret flamethrower on Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken! One player
: stands on 7th platform, co-op buddy flips the switch, player rides the
: single platform up and and out.

: The epic FAIL of this video was not the platforms however. It was the
: inability to learn from their mistake on Couch Fishing. That door on
: Colony Ship can be kept permanently open by flipping the switch twice.
: Indeed, Narcogen could have gone back to open the door for Blackstar since
: the inner switch is at player height. So much for team work. :(

Crap. I had no idea. Is that standard/intended there? If so, is it true anywhere else?

There have always been some button behaviors in Marathon games that have mystified me. Some have seem straightforward, doing one thing once and then becoming inactive. Others perform some temporary change, reverting to original status after some set period of time, and then becoming re-usable.

Does this button work like a lift button then-- one press to start it moving, and then another press near the top of its travel to stop it moving, leaving it permanently open?

At the very least this means re-playing the level for the special episode. I was planning on doing it anyway because of the missed terminal (really a brain fart on my part that after beating the puzzle I didn't even look for it before hitting the exit) but also to look again at this button.

: Easy for me to say I know. At least Narcogen and Blackstar have the balls to
: film their mistakes and the maturity to laugh at them. Some of their voice
: overs were hilarious. :)

To a certain extent I acknowledge that I think NOT attempting to make a better quality playthrough may enhance the entertainment value, at least for some. (myself included) :)

That, and there are a few special things planned for the future. Moving to 3 releases a week starting this coming Monday.

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