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One caveat...
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 10/19/02 7:19 a.m.

In Response To: HTML guide (*Ar-Isildur of *WP*)

: When dealing with HTML, the "Preview Message" button is your best
: friend in the whole wide world. If I post a message on this board that
: uses just plain text, I usually won't preview it before posting. But
: anytime I incorporate HTML into a forum post, even if it is just a single
: italic tag, I ALWAYS preview it before I post. Simply put, something as
: simple as forgetting to close the tag .. or leaving out a quotation mark,
: can completely ruin your post. .. sometimes rendering it unreadable

The one thing to be careful of is the agressiveness of the forum code with respect to brackets.

You did a fine job using the ASCII coded versions of the brackets... but these are translated by the forum script during the preview.

If you preview, then use your back button, great. If you preview, then post... the carefully crafted &#60; and &#62;'s will turn to regular brackets.

Just something to watch for. :)

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